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  • Michael Daves at Rockwood Music Hall

    We’ve seen Michael Daves twice before. Once, in a solo performance at Rockwood Music Hall and once with Chris Thile for their CD Release show next door at Stage 2. Our first experience with him was good, but the duet with Chris Thile was extraordinary, even though Michael couldn’t sing due to the […]

  • Sidecar at Rockwood Music Hall

    We saw Live Society at Arlene’s Grocery from 8-9pm. We were planning on seeing Michael Daves and Ximena Sarinana back-to-back at Rockwood Music Hall starting at 10pm. We had an hour to kill and we were around the corner from Rockwood. We went in to see who was playing the 9pm set. Sidecar […]

  • Live Society at Arlene’s Grocery

    I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to make this show. We had early dinner plans, but that didn’t mean the dinner wouldn’t last a long time. Amazingly, unbeknownst to us, our friend had a ticket for the 7:30pm show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, which I guess explains her agreement to […]

  • Is Rudeness a Necessary Evil?

    Send to Kindle(Wow, I just finished writing and unsurprisingly, I created a monster. If you can’t make it through the entire post, I forgive you, but you might want to peek at the last few paragraphs for one proposed solution to the problem…) There is a recurring theme in too many of my posts, rude […]

  • Greg Mayo, Craig Meyer, Tony Maceli and Guests at Red Lion

    I’m a fanatical lover of great guitar playing. If that’s news to you, welcome, this is likely your first time visiting here. Candyrat Records has signed an impressive number of the top instrumental guitarists around. Every so often they schedule a tour with a number of their artists. We’ve seen one that was […]

  • Martin Rivas and Robbie Gil at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    Martin Rivas was bringing his current Saturday Night residency at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 to a close last night (he’ll be touring Europe much of the summer). That would be reason enough to go see him (the last full-band show in NYC until late August or early September). But I’ll give you […]

  • Greg Mayo at Rockwood Music Hall

    We saw Greg Mayo perform at Rockwood Music Hall two nights ago, in support of Rebecca Haviland (covered here). Here are two things I said in that post: Can I praise Greg more than I have in the past? It’s a difficult assignment, but I’ll be sure to work hard at it. and […]

  • Chris Ayer at Rockwood Music Hall

    On May 13th, we saw Chris Ayer perform at The Living Room. You can read about it here. Before we made it out of the room, Lois turned to me and said “When does Chris play again?”. It wouldn’t have mattered if the answer was “At 3am, across town”, she was ready to […]

  • Abby Payne at Rockwood Music Hall

    We’ve seen Abby Payne once before, briefly, at a Benefit Concert. I had only good things to say about her (in particular, her keyboard skills). Still, since she was one of a cast of thousands and sang lead on only one song, I admit that her name didn’t register with me as someone […]

  • The Third Wheel Band at Rockwood Music Hall

    This is the second of five posts today, but it’s out of order, deal with it. 😉 We had just seen three consecutive sets at Rockwood Music Hall. We were tired and had planned to head home to rest, mostly because we were intending to come back to Rockwood for the midnight set […]