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  • May 2008 Poker

    Same old, same old, with some new stuff thrown in, to throw me/you off. 😉 Right after I reported on April’s results, I transferred some money from my one poker site to another site. The two sites have an agreement between them (perhaps there is joint ownership, but I have no idea) whereby […]

  • April 2008 Poker

    Well, it’s a few days early, but I honestly don’t think I’ll be playing any (or much) poker before the end of the month. If there is a material update, I’ll post again. In keeping with my new schedule, even though I had a ton of time to play this month, I still […]

  • March 2008 Poker

    March saw a radical change in my online poker playing. Heretofore, I was playing in a ton of tournaments, most of them qualifiers, many of the $1 qualifiers. When I would win a seat to move on to the bigger tournament, I would play that. When I wouldn’t, I would skip the bigger […]

  • February 2008 Poker

    I won’t be playing today, so I can summarize the month now. It was a terrible month both economically, as well as from a frustration point of view. Let’s get the bad news out of the way up front: I lost $414.94 this month. That wipes out January’s gain and a little more, […]

  • Disappointing Poker Today

    So, we’re back in the hotel in Fredericksburg after spending the week in Florida. We were both exhausted, so other than a quick shopping trip this morning, we spent the day in the room. I spent a fair amount of time playing poker during the day, all in qualifiers. I won a seat […]

  • Finally, A Superbowl Fan Again

    I’ve loved football (playing and watching) since I’m six years old. Independent of that love, I have loved gambling (on a variety of things) since I’m 16 years old. In my early 20’s, I briefly combined the two, and made my first series of football bets. It was a disaster, as I won […]

  • January 2008 Poker

    In my last two poker updates (here and here) I discussed my frustration with the one site I play on. I used to like pretty much everything about the site and the service, and now only the playing is fun, everything else stinks. As a new example, I mentioned in the recent posts […]

  • Poker Update

    Interesting few days of poker… In my last post on poker, I mentioned that I felt ripped off by my site for not allowing me to use my Tournament Dollars (TDs) to register in last Sunday’s big tourney. This was the first time ever that TDs weren’t an option. I also mentioned that […]

  • Rethinking Online Poker

    I started playing online poker in September 2004. It instantly became an obsession. For the first 10 months, I believe that I missed only one single day where I didn’t play. I still play a ton, but it’s definitely well beyond the obsession stage. In the past year, I have gone two weeks […]

  • Weekend Poker Update

    We spent the day with our friends in Leesburg yesterday, and had a very nice time. Got back to the hotel to relax for the evening. After dinner, I decided to enter the nightly Omaha Hi-Lo. I didn’t have a free entry queued up, so I ponied up the $22 to get in. […]