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  • Last Poker Post of 2007

    OK, I really didn’t expect to post again on poker this year. But, I have to. 😉 I just played in two qualifiers. They started 40 minutes apart, so when the second started, I played in both simultaneously for about 90 minutes. The first was for the big tourney on Sunday. That one […]

  • December 2007 Poker Update

    Well, as I mentioned in this post, December wasn’t a good month economically. That said, I had some very good results in qualifiers, including winning three seats to the big Sunday tournament. As mentioned in that last post as well, I ended up getting crushed in one of those tourneys, have the TDs […]

  • Poker Account Vigilance

    December hasn’t been a great month economically, though I’ll do the final tally tomorrow and post as usual. That said, I’ve had more than decent success in the past 10 days in qualifiers. Last Saturday, I came second in a qualifier that paid only the top two spots, and I won an entry […]

  • November 2007 Poker Summary

    Very short post this time around. I didn’t get to play too much this month, but a reasonable amount nonetheless. I already reported on the one live tourney here, with excellent results in that one. 🙂 I’m posting this early because we have dinner plans tonight so I know I won’t be playing […]

  • Decent Result in Sunday Poker Tourney

    Well, the title gives it all away. You don’t need to read any further. 🙂 Seriously, a minor cash, but even the worst prize in the weekly tourney is a good one, when you don’t pay full freight to get in. This is my third post of the day, and all three end […]

  • Another Sunday Poker Loss

    Here are my notes, nothing to add… 949 entrants, top 100 paid Finally got to use one of my two previously won entries into the weekly big one. As you (may) know, we’ve been busy the past few weekends (all good stuff), and I haven’t been able to play much online poker in […]

  • Poker and Charity, a Great Combo

    We have really great friends (I’ve mentioned them a few times in past blogs) that live in Northern New Jersey, about 30 minutes from our house, across the Hudson River. Both the husband and wife are very dedicated volunteers for the town’s ambulance service. They spend most of their spare time either on […]

  • October 2007 Poker Update

    October was not a good month economically. That said, I had an excellent month of winning qualifiers, including three in one week to the weekly big tourney, so it wasn’t all bad. I only got to use one in October, as we’ve been much busier on weekends than usual (if you read my […]

  • Dumb Play in Weekly Poker Tourney

    Well, the notes say it all… ********************************* 896 entrants, top 90 paid I had some time to play in qualifiers this week. I won three seats, so in addition to playing in this one, I have two additional entries that I can use on any future Sunday. In addition, I also came in […]

  • Disappointing Result in Sunday Poker Tourney

    Nothing more to say other than my notes taken during tonight’s big tourney… *********************************************** 929 entrants, top 100 paid Won my entry on Friday. Poor start. I had J2o in the big blind on the first hand. Flop came 5JK rainbow. Small blind and I were the only two in the hand. He […]