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  • Finally Back on Track in Big Poker Tourney

    I’ve had a bit of a dry spell in the big one, including some very near cashes. Tonight felt like it was going to be another one of just missing the money, barely. Thankfully, this one has a happier ending (no surprise, given the title, right?). 😉 Here is a log of my […]

  • September 2007 Poker Update

    So, the streak had to end at some point, and it turns out, that September 2007 was that time. No complaints (at least not that I’m willing to voice publicly). 😉 At one point during the month, I quoted an ancient line to Lois: “If I didn’t have bad luck, I would have […]

  • Bad Result in Sunday Tourney

    I shouldn’t even bother posting. The only good news is that it didn’t drag on that long, and torture me with a “near the money” finish, like last time… Here are my notes: 871 entrants, top 90 get paid 820 left, in 232nd 815 left, in 135th 774 left, in 143rd 683 left, […]

  • Bad result in Sunday Big Tourney on 9/2/2007

    No narrative necessary. Here is the log from my notes from today’s tourney, the first one in over a month that I got to play in… 846 entrants, top 90 paid 800 left in 11th 723 left in 35th 677 left in 56th 631 left in 26th 523 left in 13th 399 left […]

  • August 2007 Poker Update

    Another month, a ton more poker played. 🙂 The month started off OK with 5 days of poker generating $70 of profit. Then a trip to Zope made for zero poker played for the next 5 days (until the weekend). For the next few weeks, I was really busy on weekends, and while […]

  • A very Wicked Sunday 🙂

    If you read my last post, you know that the highlight of yesterday was going to see Wicked for our fifth time. In addition to that specific highlight, the day turned out to be spectacular in a number of other ways. Therefore, this post will likely be very long, and I apologize if […]

  • July 2007 Poker Summary

    So, I just finished the month on a reasonable high note, coming 3rd out of 108 players in an Omaha Hi-Lo tourney. I was the leader going in to the final table, and when there were 7 left, I was in last (one really bad hand, very poorly played on my part!). So, […]

  • Final Sunday July 2007 Poker Update

    Well, got to play a bit of poker this week, but it didn’t go so well. I will still wait until the end of the month (just two more days) to report more generally. Yesterday, I played in a qualifier to get into the big one tonight. Ironically, we were supposed to have […]

  • July 2007 Poker Streak Finally Ends

    Oh well, it had to happen. I went a week without playing any poker while we were down at Zope. Then we had an unscheduled business meeting in NYC that was too important to miss, so we cut our trip to Zope short by a week. The side benefit was that I got […]

  • July Poker Roll Continues 🙂

    So, we drove from NY to VA today. Most of the ride was good and uneventful, until we hit Springfield, which was at a dead stop, as it often is… Took an extra 30 minutes to get to the hotel. All in all, I guess we can’t complain. Spent a number of hours […]