May Poker Results

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Wow, May was not a good month. At least not economically.

Let’s lead off with the bottom line, because it’s ugly, and I want to get it out of the way: -$74.09.

Whew. I could go on and on about how many unlucky hands I had, and it would be true, but it would be completely meaningless. That happens all the time. I continually put myself in positions where outdraws were possible. In Hold’Em, that’s exactly what you want to do. In Omaha, the number of draws is often crazy, and you can easily get sliced up overbetting decent flops, even though the people who are calling are risking their tournament lives…

OK, I’m over it.

First, the highlights. I had a really good streak mid-month, and was up about $140 for the month at that time. Now you can appreciate the slide that I’ve been on since then…

I had two straight-flushes this month, and one royal flush. The royal came in Omaha, and there was no low, and I was called down, so I actually cashed in on it. It’s rare to get called if you hit one in Hold’Em, so it was a particularly sweet moment. On the other hand, it was in a “Limit” game, so I didn’t clean up. In fact, I finished 4th in that tourney, one out of the money. 🙁

On to the breakdown. I played in 24 Hold’Em one-table tourneys. That’s an investment of $264. I collected $180. I lost the last 8 in a row, so I was ahead a few dollars until the last week.

I played in 12 multi-table Omaha 8/b (Hi Lo) tourneys for $22 buy-ins, total invested $264. Three in-the-money finishes, for a return of $278.00, for a minor win. Considering that I lost the last 7 in a row, that’s were my early profits were, which I gave back too easily.

The rest, an amalgam of multi-table stuff (including a few $5 Omahas, but mostly Hold’Em). There were 18 of those, ranging from $1 to $15 in buy-in size. Total invested $139.30. Only three cashes out of the 18 tourneys 🙁 and they were all in $5 Omaha games, for a total of $83.07. So, I made a decent return on my Omaha ones, but blew 100% of my multi-table Hold’Em ones this month. I should have played nothing but Omaha. 😉

So, a bad result for the month, with some bright spots. I got to up my play a bit (nice long weekend on Memorial Day), but finished the month really poorly after a great start!

See you next month 🙂

So close, and yet, so far…

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Well, the semi-final started at 8pm. 1931 entrants, top 100 move on to the final, so roughly 5% make it…

When there were 184 left, I was in 82nd, so it was looking possible, if not probable. Then I went card dead. When there were 113 left, I was in 113th.

Still, I got A3 offsuit (a horrible hand, but better than nothing), and shoved all my chips in. Everyone folded except the big blind, who had to call, because it was only 400 more chips for him (which is the problem with having a very short stack). Anyway, he had J8 offsuit. The first card off the deck was an A, so I was looking great. No J and no 8 on the flop, yippee! Unfortunately, both the turn and the river were 8’s (what a joke), and I was out in 113th.

Like I said in the title, so close and yet so far.

Still, I played for free for 8 hours in total, and had a blast.

One hand worth mentioning, just for fun. Early on, I had roughly 1700 chips. I had JT of hearts. The flop came 9h Jc Qh, so I flopped an open-ended straight flush. One guy bets 200, and I call, and one other calls too. The turn is the 8h, so I make the straight flush. Now I’m praying someone has the A high flush, and the other has a straight. 😉

First guy bets 200 again, I call, third guy calls again.

River is a another Q. First guy checks, I bet, third guy raises, first guy folds, I re-raise all-in, and he calls. I assume he has a flush, or possibly even a full-house, or at the very least, a straight. Nope, he has three Q’s. Go figure. Anyway, I had over 4000 chips after that hand, and was able to sustain that through another 1200 people, before finally busting out. Nice hand, bad overall result…

Temporary success against the odds ;-)

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I’ll save the normal monthly poker update for the end of the month, where it belongs. 😉

In the meantime, I’ll report on an interim success story, which might not have a happy ending, but at least had a happy beginning. 🙂

Today, I played in a tournament in the morning, and did OK, but didn’t make the money. When I finished, it was 1:56pm. I glanced at the tournament schedule, and noticed that there was a freeroll at 2pm (in 4 minutes), where the top 50 players got a free entry into tonight’s weekly semi-final tournament to win a free seat to a big tournament played in Aruba!

A freeroll is a site’s way of giving back (or sucking in, depending on your perspective), where you pay nothing to play in a particular tournament. Sometimes, they restrict the number of players, sometimes not.

I registered, and when the tournament started, there were 3500 entrants. That meant that the top 1.4% of the entrants would move on to the semi-final. Note that the semi-final doesn’t get you a seat in Aruba, it just gets you an entry in the final, which is the one that can get you in to Aruba.

Tourney started at 2:01pm, and at 6:23pm, I finished in 34th. First place and 50th are worth the same, so 34th doesn’t matter. In fact, once you’re safe, it’s idiotic to risk your chips against a bigger stack, because the only thing that matters in this type of tournament is finishing in the top 50.

Anyway, at 8pm, I’ll be in the semi-final. I have no expectations of moving on, but I’ll do my best. The fun part is that I got to play in a meaningful tournament, without risking a penny, got 4.5 hours of enjoyment and experience, and now get to try and repeat that feat. Cool. 🙂

April Poker Update

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Since I’m not likely to be playing tonight, I can post my April Poker results now.

I invested (risked) a total of $352 during the month. I played in 24 tournaments. 16 were 1-table Hold’Em tourneys for $11 each, and 8 were multi-table Omaha Hi/Lo tourneys for $22 each. Without attempting to, I ended up spending exactly the same amount on 1-table Hold’Em as I did on multi-table Omaha.

Bottom line was ugly: -$94.80 for the month. Clearly, this month, I am glad I wasn’t doing this for a living. 😉

That said, I actually played well this month, and better than I’ve been in a while. I’ve learned that no one wants to hear about “bad beats” and “bad luck”, and honestly, it doesn’t bug me when it happens to me anywhere near what it used to, so I don’t even have the need to “get it off my chest” like I used to. Suffice it to say that there were a few key plays that made the difference between a plus month and a minus one…

Here is a highlight of the month: The multi-table Omaha games average around 80 players with the top 10 getting prize money. Out of the 8 that I played, I only made the money once. I came 7th, and received $110 for my $22 in that one. That said, I also finished 13th once, and 12th once, so I am getting close frequently enough that it’s not a waste to be playing in these tourneys.

Anyway, once I get started on poker I can write forever, I’ll leave it at that. Last statistic is that I played those 24 tourneys over 11 days, so that’s still 19 days this month where I didn’t play a single second of poker. Gotta retire soon, so I can get my playing time up. 😉

March Poker Update

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Those of you who know me, know that I’ve had a 2.5 year obsession with online poker. Lately, it has fizzled a bit (OK, more than a bit). Not for lack of interest, but for lack of time, and other obsessions not letting go.

Last night and today, I finally played a bit. That prompted me to look at my online stats for March, since the site keeps only 30 days of history easily accessible.

So, I didn’t play at all the first 16 days of March. From September 2004 – September 2005, I think I missed one day without playing at least one game (just to put this 16 day non-playing stretch into perspective!).

I played one tournament on March 17th. One on March 24th. One on March 25th. Last night (the 30th) I played in 4 tourneys, and today I played in 5. That makes a total of 12 in all of March. I’ve had days where I’ve played in more than 12 tourneys. 😉

Anyway, on the 17th, 24th and 25th, I was 0 for 3. Last night, I had a first and a third out of the 4 tourneys I played in. Today, a win and a second out of the 5 that I played in. Unfortunately, I played in two multi-table tourneys (last night and today) that were a tad more expensive than the ones I won, so I made money, but gave more back than the percentages would indicate.

Here’s the bottom line: I risked a grand total of $135.10 (about $11 on average for each tourney), and netted a +$17.12 for the month! Woo hoo. 🙂

So, I’m thinking, if I give up my day job, perhaps I can pay the rent with my stellar poker playing skills. 😉