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  • Earl Klugh at Blue Note

    Last night we saw Earl Klugh perform at the Blue Note in NYC. There is a good back-story to this, but in deference to Lois’ tastes, I’ll leave it for the end. I encourage you to read all the way through, especially if you know us personally. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A few weeks back we […]

  • Recovering From a Server Disk Crash

    The machine that is delivering this blog to you is a standalone Dell server, running CentOS 5.2. It resides in a data center managed by Zope Corporation (ZC) Systems Administrators (SAs). I perform the majority of the software administration and maintenance myself, and they maintain all of the hardware along with some of […]

  • July 2008 Poker

    I won’t be playing tonight, so I can safely report this month’s results now. Given the past few months, this one was financially successful. That said, it was extremely unsatisfying financially, while simultaneously being extremely satisfying from a having a good time perspective. I guess you can’t have it all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, the […]

  • Dave Mason at BB King

    Last night couldn’t come soon enough for us. We loved Dave Mason’s show at Blend Bar on March 6, 2008 (covered in this post). The experience at Blend Bar was less than special, but the show was awesome. We immediately grabbed two tickets to see Dave again on April 4th at BB King, […]

  • WordPress 2.6 Goodness

    So, I tweeted the other day that I updated to WordPress 2.6 successfully, but didn’t blog about it. I am very pleased with the changes, though I had two minor frustrations, one was WP’s fault, the other not. First, the goodness. When 2.5 came out, they completely changed the media/image management, changing the […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    We’ve been to three previous shows in this series and loved all of them. The first one, was the only show we’ve had to stand the entire time at Joe’s Pub. We were away a few weeks ago and missed one show. Last night was another in the series. We didn’t find out […]

  • Chuck Mangione at Blue Note

    On June 7th, Lois and I saw Chuck Mangione at Tarrytown Music Hall. Last night, we saw him (with the same group) at the Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC. I wrote a long post about the Tarrytown show, all (except for the tribute to Jim McKay) applied to last night’s show, so […]

  • Catching Up

    It’s been exactly a week since I last posted. Usually, if I take that long a break, it’s a combination of not much to say and not much time to say it in. This time, I had a number of things to say (one in particular) and plenty of time to say it. […]

  • The Wedding

    The day finally came and is now firmly entrenched in the memories-of-a-lifetime category. As godparents, we enjoyed it without having to endure all of the amazing hard work and planning (not to mention costs!) that the actual parents undertook. Since the result was perfect (in every way), the heartiest of thanks and congratulations […]

  • Jamestown

    The wedding weekend is upon us. In fact, the wedding itself is just over two hours away. Yesterday was a delightful day. We’re staying in Williamsburg, VA (where the happy couple both went to school at William & Mary). At 10am, 25 of us (both sides of the family) drove the 10-15 minutes […]