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  • The Milk Carton Kids at Joe’s Pub

    The Milk Carton Kids (MCK) headlined Joe’s Pub last night. We bought tickets ages ago. We caught their first ever NYC show (after they officially formed MCK) almost five month ago. Sadly, we missed two NYC shows between then and last night. My post about that NYC debut show went into great detail […]

  • Alex Berger at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    Alex Berger lives in London. That’s sad enough (for us, not necessarily for him), but the really sad part is that we get to see him perform rather infrequently. When he’s in town, and schedules a show, it’s a must-see event. Last night was the night! From the first time we saw Alex […]

  • Gaby Moreno at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    One of the joys of seeing as much live music as we do is the ever-growing universe of amazing performers we are exposed to. This happens when an opener blows us away, or even when the headliner does, when we showed up for the opener. On occasion it happens when we stick around […]

  • ambeR Rubarth and Adam Levy at 55 Bar

    ambeR Rubarth and Adam Levy are doing a residency at 55 Bar, performing there at 7pm every Wednesday in August. Of their four appearances, the only one that we could attend was last night, and we are both very glad we got to see them (the rest of you still have two more […]

  • ambeR Rubarth and Adam Levy at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    Another night, another show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, same old, same old. 🙂 This night featured a totally different type of music, but was similar in that we love this group of performers as did the rest of the crowd. The co-billed show was ambeR Rubarth (we love her solo, with […]

  • Alex Wong and Adam Levy at Rockwood

    Last night was a real treat for us. We got to see one of our favorite musicians perform his first solo show. We also caught the set before his, which was wonderful, and I’ll cover that as well. Alex Wong is an incredible talent, something I repeat very often (well deserved repetition). We […]

  • ambeR Rubarth at Highline Ballroom

    amber Rubarth is an extraordinary singer/songwriter. I’ve written about her many times. Here is the post about her CD Release Party at Joe’s Pub. Last night she headlined the Highline Ballroom and created another exceptional performance (a DVD of the show will be available later this year!). Highline Ballroom is the biggest stage […]

  • Alex Berger and The Bowmans at Living Room

    We weren’t scheduled to be in NYC last night. When we ran into Alex Berger on Saturday night at City Winery and he mentioned that he was playing on Monday at The Living Room. That was all we needed to hear to rearrange our schedule and stay in the city a few extra […]

  • Amber Rubarth and Adam Levy at Jammin Java

    If you’ve been here before, you know we’re big fans of ambeR Rubarth both as a solo artist, and as part of The Paper Raincoat. It’s no big surprise that we would try to arrange our schedule to catch one of her shows. What’s a bit of a surprise was trying to arrange […]

  • Paper Raincoat at Rockwood Music Hall

    ambeR Rubarth and Alex Wong are two of the hardest working musicians in NYC’s vibrant indie music scene. Each has a number of projects going on simultaneously. They also regularly guest star at local shows with other indie rising stars. The Paper Raincoat is their collaboration project, an ingenious concept, telling a long-running […]