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  • Dickey Betts at City Winery with Kristy Lee Opening

    Sometimes dreams do come true. Sometimes they don’t live up to expectations, but even then, the dream coming true is often enough reward. Such was the case last night, for me. I grew up listening to what many people now call Classic Rock. There were so many great bands that I always feel […]

  • Eddie From Ohio at Innsbrook After Hours

    On Wednesday (June 10th) four of us spent the evening at an outdoor concert at Innsbrook After Hours. The title of this post is totally out of character with my other music posts. I almost always put only the headliner in the title, and cover the opening act(s) after covering the headliner. Eddie […]

  • Allman Brothers Band at Beacon Theatre

    Two years ago I saw the Allman Brothers Band (ABB) at the Beacon Theatre (without Lois). While I normally write very long music posts, that one was extremely short (mercifully so, say my readers). 😉 Everything I said in that post applied to last night’s show as well. So, you would think that […]

  • The Allman Brothers Band

    OK, so last night was the night. My friend and I went to see the Allman Brothers Band (ABB) at the Beacon Theater. Previously, the only other time I was at the Beacon was for Dave Koz on Valentine’s Day. That show was awesome, but the acoustics were horrible. I suspected it was […]

  • Rediscovering Live Music

    Sorry folks, this is likely gonna be another long one. It’s 5:30pm on a Sunday, and I’m relaxing in the hotel down near Zope, and this is what I feel like doing at the moment… From my mid-teens until my early twenties, I was a fanatic for going to live concerts. I went […]