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  • With Friends Like This…

    With friends like this, who needs family? Yesterday, I entered a weekly contest that Amazon.com runs. This week’s prize is a Kindle 3G. It’s only the second time I’ve entered an Amazon contest. After entering, I was offered the opportunity to update my Facebook status. It was optional. Even though spreading the word […]

  • No GLEE Here

    Now that the regular TV season is over, I’m a little more attuned to potential new shows to watch, particularly during the summer. I really like Jane Lynch a lot, in particular her turns on Two and Half Men (one of my favorite comedies). So, when I saw a commercial for a new […]

  • The Duhks at Joe’s Pub

    We first discovered Joe’s Pub because of The Duhks. The Duhks were an automated recommendation for me from Amazon.com, based on the fact that I had purchased Nickel Creek CDs from them. I listened, I liked, a lot. After that, I bought both Duhks CDs, and checked where they were touring. I noticed […]

  • Great Ideas for Next Gen Kindle

    I rarely write a post simply to point to someone else’s post, brilliant or otherwise. I used to be a voracious reader. That was so long ago, I’m embarrassed to even make that claim. There are many reasons why I don’t read as much (not the least of which is that I’m the […]

  • Amazon Unbox

    I haven’t had an interest in any of the movie download services (until yesterday). First, we don’t watch that many movies. Second, we have so many DVDs that we own, and probably will never watch. Third, since we only have laptops, disk space can become an issue if the download is purchased and […]

  • Brooke Miller

    You know that I love acoustic music, and more specifically, acoustic guitar. I have written about a number of great acoustic guitarists in the past few months, among them Andy McKee and Don Ross. I had heard that Don Ross’ wife was a musician as well, but I didn’t have the time to […]

  • Random Madness

    I’ve written a number of times regarding my frustration at the apparent randomness of many computer programs/processes. In some cases, it’s simply not explainable (from the user’s perspective). In some cases, it almost feels rigged, but then something else happens, which even casts doubt on that theory… Regular readers already know that we […]

  • Candyrat Records

    I have written twice now about Magnatune as a real leader in the new age of publishing music. I am completely impressed with their business model and operation, and if you missed the first post, here it is. Candyrat Records is another cool online music label, but they don’t quite measure up to […]

  • Phil Keaggy Beyond Nature

    In this post, I mentioned that I intended to buy Beyond Nature and Freehand – Acoustic Sketches II by Phil Keaggy. Then, in this post, I explained how I was going to get it, namely, in a bundle from philkeaggy.com (including a repeat of Acoustic Sketches, which I had previously purchased as a […]

  • Magnatune.com Totally Nails Music

    I’ve had a number of music-related posts kicking around my head of a while now, and I’ve even threatened publicly to finally birth my Pandora and Last.fm post. It’s coming, as are a few other music posts in the next week. However, I just discovered an online music label called Magnatune this past […]