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  • Farewell Poker

    I’ve been noting the possibility of this day for quite a while, and it’s finally here. I am saying farewell to online poker, likely for quite a while, but also likely, not forever. I expected the day to come sometime in January, having gone through a very long drought of cashing in a […]

  • December 2008 Poker

    December was no different than November. Good results in Omaha (though not many tournaments in general), and a total wipeout in the big Sunday Hold’Em tourneys, accounting for a terrible economic showing. Bottom line for the month: -$694.60. In one of the big tourneys, they paid the top 135 spots. I finished 137th. […]

  • November 2008 Poker

    Ugh. That says it all. I played very little this month. I was really busy so it wasn’t a lack of desire. Unfortunately, I got to play in four of the five Sunday tournaments, and lost all four. That alone accounts for 98.56% of my loss this month. It’s a big number, and […]

  • October 2008 Poker

    Wow. I was so excited and absorbed with our surprise trip to Cobleskill yesterday that I completely forgot to report on my poker results for October. While I was playing the big weekly tourney this evening, I realized that, and now that I’ve lost that one (part of next month’s report), I can […]

  • September 2008 Poker

    Since I won’t be playing tonight, I can safely report this month’s results. Also, since I intend to keep this very short, I’ll start with the bottom line, then a few highlights. Bottom line: Profit of $642.25. Not bad. 🙂 I finally cashed again in the big Sunday Hold’Em tourney. It had been […]

  • August 2008 Poker

    Well, another month with a fair amount of poker frustration. That said, it was also a very good month on some other levels, including eeking out a small profit. Without further ado, let’s get the economics out of the way: +$140.46. Hardly earthshaking. In fact, as reported numerous times now, since I don’t […]

  • July 2008 Poker

    I won’t be playing tonight, so I can safely report this month’s results now. Given the past few months, this one was financially successful. That said, it was extremely unsatisfying financially, while simultaneously being extremely satisfying from a having a good time perspective. I guess you can’t have it all. 😉 So, the […]

  • June 2008 Poker

    This month is simple to report on. Economically painful, but otherwise, enjoyable and almost non-existent. I barely played this month. I’m reasonably sure it’s the lightest month since I started playing online poker in September 2004. That said, I played and lost two of the big weekly ones, paying full freight in both. […]

  • May 2008 Poker

    Same old, same old, with some new stuff thrown in, to throw me/you off. 😉 Right after I reported on April’s results, I transferred some money from my one poker site to another site. The two sites have an agreement between them (perhaps there is joint ownership, but I have no idea) whereby […]

  • April 2008 Poker

    Well, it’s a few days early, but I honestly don’t think I’ll be playing any (or much) poker before the end of the month. If there is a material update, I’ll post again. In keeping with my new schedule, even though I had a ton of time to play this month, I still […]