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  • Weekend Birthday Bash

    Our friends from Richmond came up to spend a very special birthday weekend with us in NYC. They were supposed arrive at our apartment by 10am on Friday. That didn’t happen. There were significant snow flurries in NYC (nothing stuck), and the navigation system on the airplane was unable to make an instrument […]

  • Home For The Holidays

    Until this year, our closest friends could always count on their family being together for the holidays. Their kids (our godchildren) went to school in the vicinity, or at least were guaranteed to choose home (Richmond, VA) for the school break at the holidays. Now, things aren’t as guaranteed. Laura is married and […]

  • Cool Christmas Gifts

    Just got back from a wonderful dinner, and enjoying watching people get real excited about watching their favorite Redskins beat the Cowboys to make it into the playoffs! When we got back, our friends gave me two gifts. The first is a mug with a picture of a Shark on it, with the […]