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  • Last Headphone Post for the Year

    I promise! 🙂 I know how incredibly subjective all of this nonsense is, and that I’m not an audiophile, so I don’t even know what to listen for, and probably couldn’t hear it if I knew. But, still, I can’t resist, since Lois found a bag of my old headphones today, so I […]

  • Grado vs Bose Quiet Comfort 2

    I’ve written about my new Grados a few times already, so this might feel like piling on a bit. I mentioned in a post about my new iPods that I own a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones, courtesy of my genius gift-giving friend Ed. I only use them when I travel […]

  • Experimenting with Bit Rates in Ripping CDs

    In this post, I discussed my new Grado headphones. In that post, as well as this one, I mentioned that I am most definitely not an audiophile. The new Grados were so far superior to the crappy ear buds included with the iPods that I started to question my choice of ripping all […]

  • New Grado Headphones

    I was in the market for new headphones, and after doing some research on the web, landed on Grado. I decided that the best value was the Grado SR80. Most of the reviews that I read were on Amazon.com. After placing an order with one site, I ended up canceling the order when […]