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  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Last night was our 12th CMA Songwriters Series show at Joe’s Pub. We look forward to all of them (and buy our tickets the minute the shows are announced). We were even more excited about last night’s show when our friend in Nashville told us that Jessi Alexander was very special. Since this […]

  • Paper Raincoat at Joe’s Pub

    We’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Paper Raincoat perform twice before, and I’ve covered both extensively, the first time at Canal Room and the second at Rockwood Music Hall. You can read those posts here and here, since I will take a different tack in this post, and everything that I said […]

  • Red Molly and The Nields at Joe’s Pub

    Last night I finally got to scratch an itch that I’ve had since April 5th, 2008! That’s the night that we first saw Sweet Bitters live. I covered that show in this post, but as you can see, in the comments, Sharon suggested that I check out Red Molly. The minute I heard […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Wed night was our 11th CMA Songwriters Series show at Joe’s Pub. It won’t be our last, we already have tickets for the November 5th show. We were supposed to be at Zope this week, and were planning on missing this show. As I’ve noted before, on occasion, the show scores a major […]

  • Paper Raincoat at Rockwood Music Hall

    ambeR Rubarth and Alex Wong are two of the hardest working musicians in NYC’s vibrant indie music scene. Each has a number of projects going on simultaneously. They also regularly guest star at local shows with other indie rising stars. The Paper Raincoat is their collaboration project, an ingenious concept, telling a long-running […]

  • ambeR Rubarth at Joe’s Pub

    I am being respectful, and writing ambeR Rubarth the way she capitalizes it herself, so no, I didn’t make a mistake. 🙂 She is soon to release a new CD, Good Mystery, and last night had a CD Release party show at Joe’s Pub in NYC, which we attended. You can hear some […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Last night was our 10th show in the CMA Songwriters Series at Joe’s Pub. It won’t be our last. 🙂 Last night’s show was awesome, among the best we’ve seen. There were only four performers last night (which has happened before, typically there are five), but there were five people on stage (I’ll […]

  • Jeffrey Steele at Joe’s Pub

    Last night we saw Jeffrey Steele (and band) at Joe’s Pub. If you’re used to Twitter, and only have patience to read one paragraph, then let me describe his show in one word: Wow! We’ve had it on our list to catch a Jeffrey Steele show for a while now (if you read […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Last night was our ninth CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub. Yes, we already have our tickets for the next one, which will be #10. 🙂 They started at 6:35pm. This time, there were only four people on the stage, rather than the more typical five. There was a qualitative difference as well. […]

  • Girlyman at Joe’s Pub

    I know I’m boring my regular readers by repeating that Girlyman is my favorite group. At least you now that this continues to be the case. 😉 Last night was the ninth time that we’ve seen them perform live, and the fourth time we’ve seen them at Joe’s Pub, our favorite club. We […]