Tag: Marriage

  • Lucky 8 Wedding

    We have great friends who have two wonderful sons. Last year, the younger son married a terrific woman. We were invited and acknowledged that we would attend. A few weeks later, we were invited to another wedding on the same date. We knew that bride from her birth (25 years!), and ended up […]

  • Catching Up

    It’s been exactly a week since I last posted. Usually, if I take that long a break, it’s a combination of not much to say and not much time to say it in. This time, I had a number of things to say (one in particular) and plenty of time to say it. […]

  • The Wedding

    The day finally came and is now firmly entrenched in the memories-of-a-lifetime category. As godparents, we enjoyed it without having to endure all of the amazing hard work and planning (not to mention costs!) that the actual parents undertook. Since the result was perfect (in every way), the heartiest of thanks and congratulations […]

  • One Down One To Go

    So, you may have noticed that this space has been pretty quiet in the past two weeks. Exactly two posts since the Dolly Parton one. There are two reasons, we’re down at Zope for two weeks, so the days tend to be a bit busier for me (don’t even get me started on […]

  • Congratulations

    First and foremost, the heartiest possible congratulations to our goddaughter and her fiance on their Valentine’s Day engagement! (I just learned something in checking the spelling of the word finace! With one “e” at the end, it’s the male in the engagement, with two e’s at the end, it’s the female. Who knew? […]