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  • Delta Rae at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    Delta Rae bring the heat, on stage, and outdoors. 11 months ago, we saw them play at Arlene’s Grocery. We cut a trip short to have dinner with our friends from Thailand and came home a bit earlier to catch Delta Rae. The temperature on our car thermometer that day (August 31, 2010) […]

  • Brian Killeen Birthday Bash at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    What do you do after driving 5.5 hours to return home from a 10-day business trip? If you’re most people, you catch up with what happened while you were on the road, then collapse for an evening of relaxation. If you’re crazy kids like us, you do that, add a catnap and after […]

  • Alex Wong at Rockwood Music Hall

    We try never to miss an Alex Wong show if we can help it. To prove my point, we saw him last night at Rockwood Music Hall, we’ll see him tonight (supporting Ximena Sarinana) and again tomorrow night as a special guest playing with Dave Eggar’s Deoro band. Three nights in a row […]

  • Kim Churchill at Rockwood Music Hall

    Nearly four years ago Lois and I attended a show at Tarrytown Music Hall. The opener that night was Anthony da Costa. At the time, he was 16 and many considered him a rising star in the folk world. A few weeks back when I locked our calendar to see Alex Wong at […]

  • Deb Oh and The Cavaliers at Rockwood Music Hall

    We went to Rockwood Music Hall to see Valerie Mize play the 8pm set (last night). In Valerie’s event page on Facebook, she touted the act following her, Deb Oh. That name sounded vaguely familiar to me. I listened to a number of songs and realized that a while ago, someone else mentioned […]

  • Valerie Mize at Rockwood Music Hall

    On Sunday, I started the post about Sierra Noble as follows: In what is obviously becoming a regular occurrence, we discover new musicians in the following cycle: 1) they perform side-person duties with someone we regularly see, 2) we see some mini-set where they headline a portion, 3) we see them perform a […]

  • Steff Leal at Rockwood Music Hall

    We were going to see the 8pm set at Rockwood Music Hall last night. We often check out the set before, to raise our chances of getting seats. This time, the artist we were going to see at 8pm was promoting the 7pm and 9pm sets. That raised my hopes that the 7pm […]

  • Rebecca Haviland at Rockwood Music Hall

    We attended a Leave a Lasting Mark benefit show on Thursday. Rebecca Haviland was one of the many performers that night. She performed a version of Carolina On My Mind that captivated the audience. You can read about it here. Even though we had a jam-packed 48 hours in between, I admit that […]

  • Bri Arden at Rockwood Music Hall

    Prior to seeing this show we attended a benefit concert at The Bitter End. I wrote about it here, which included a section on Bri Arden (the subject of this post). After it was over, Lois couldn’t keep her eyes open, so she grabbed a cab and headed home. Unfortunately, she took her […]

  • Backscratch XIV at Rockwood Music Hall

    We’ve only been to one Backscratch before, but we’ll do our best to never miss one going forward. Last night was #14, but I decided to show off my mad Roman Numeral skills in the title. This one was back at Rockwood Music Hall (not the original venue). I covered the last one […]