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  • Delta Rae at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 CMJ

    Delta Rae made the trek to NYC to headline a CMJ set at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. If they can make the trek from North Carolina, we can do it from midtown. We saw the previous two sets out of interest, but mostly out of wanting to guarantee that we’d be near […]

  • Aunt Martha at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 CMJ

    Aunt Martha headlined a set at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 as part of CMJ week. We saw the set before them (Jenny Owen Youngs) and were primarily there to see the set after them (Delta Rae), so we had every intention of sticking around (even though we knew nothing about them). However, […]

  • Jenny Owen Youngs at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 CMJ

    In April 2009 we accidentally were pulled into the orbit of the NYC indie music scene (courtesy of The Paper Raincoat, comprised of Alex Wong and ambeR Rubarth). Even though some of these artists are signed to labels, most of them still operate (and struggle) like indie musicians, with a one-inch leg up. […]

  • Erik White at Rockwood Music Hall

    Erik White headlined a show at Rockwood Music Hall yesterday. I’ve seen Erik three times before, always in the role of sideman. I had no idea what to expect. I would have gone anyway, on the strength of how I came to know about him to begin with, but when Chris Anderson told […]

  • OK SWEETHEART at Rockwood Music Hall

    We were planning to catch the 3 and 5pm sets at Rockwood Music Hall. Normally, that means we’d sit through the 4pm set no matter who it was. Considering that yesterday was one of the last gorgeous days of 2011, a reasonable alternative would have been to stretch our legs on the Lower […]

  • Amy Rivard at Rockwood Music Hall

    Amy Rivard headlined Rockwood Music Hall yesterday. For us, this marked a big shift in her career (perhaps not so from her perspective). I’ll describe the show in a bit, but I want to step back and explain what I mean above, mostly for myself. If you already know about Amy’s previous careers/accomplishments, […]

  • Bri Arden at Rockwood Music Hall

    Bri Arden headlined a set at Rockwood Music Hall last night. This was a full-band show, but with some changes from Bri’s normal lineup. It’s one of the things that makes seeing the same artist many times interesting, you never know quite what to expect, even though you know you’ll likely enjoy whatever […]

  • The Milk Carton Kids at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    The Milk Carton Kids (MKC) headlined their first ever NYC show last night, at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. MKC is comprised of two individual stars, Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale. Before MKC was formed, we were huge fans of Joey’s work and attended as many shows as we could. A few of […]

  • Gaby Moreno at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    One of the joys of seeing as much live music as we do is the ever-growing universe of amazing performers we are exposed to. This happens when an opener blows us away, or even when the headliner does, when we showed up for the opener. On occasion it happens when we stick around […]

  • Jeff Litman at Rockwood Music Hall

    It’s been 3.5 months since we last saw Jeff Litman headline a set at Rockwood Music Hall, so we were due. The band was the same (a very good thing considering their skills), including the same guest keyboard player. There were two additional guests, taking Jeff’s always excellent performances up a notch. A […]