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  • Converting from Procmail to Maildrop

    I’ve been using procmail to filter mail on the server forever. I like it, so it’s important to note that even though I switched, I have nothing bad to say about procmail. So, why did I switch? Procmail can be a little terse to read (obviously, I’m used to it by now). Over […]

  • Welcome Back Courier-IMAP

    When Matt was maintaining this server, starting back in 2001, he installed Courier-IMAP for our mail service (both IMAP and POP). It worked extremely well for many years. At one point, IMAP folders started taking a long time to open. Once they were open, performance was excellent. I think this was due to […]

  • Rebuilding jackkapanka.com

    I have written twice now about taking over the maintenance of Jack Kapanka’s website. There were three distinct phases of working on the site: Fix the broken links Change the home and store pages (adding PayPal support) Redesign (rebuild) the site from scratch All three phases are now done, though there is no […]

  • Who Needs Floppies

    Since I just wrote about my laptop spring cleaning, I may as well get one more geek post out of my system. 😉 I run many Asterisk servers. I love it. That said, I am still running the 1.2.x branch on all of the servers. They are up to on the production […]