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  • OpenVPN in VirtualBox

    There are a number of reasons why you might want to run a VPN on your laptop. The most obvious is that you have to, in order to access files back at the office. Two other likely reasons are security (you are in a public place, and want to encrypt all traffic) and […]

  • Self-Service Pain

    It’s extremely easy to cause yourself a lot of pain while performing maintenance on your computer. Here are two sure-fire steps: Do something really stupid, while being aware that you are doing so! Compound the error by being macho, and wanting to fix it manually! Voila! You will have no one to blame […]

  • Vista speech recognition

    I’ve been fascinated by speech recognition for a very long time.  I used a program called Simon on a NeXT computer back in 1992. I have toyed with every version of Dragon Naturally Speaking since v2 (now owned by Nuance). I keep upgrading my copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking (through v9, I haven’t […]

  • Vista Hotsync Success

    I’ve written numerous times about the fact that Palm doesn’t support (nor intend to support!) Vista x64. I have also noted that many people claim to have success with Bluetooth Sync (and Phone-as-Modem as well). I recently reported getting Phone-as-Modem to work over BT, but have had zero success with Hotsync over BT. […]

  • Semi Bluetooth Success

    For those who read this space regularly, you know that the one thing I’ve struggled with on my otherwise perfect new laptop is getting my Treo 755p working with Vista x64. The USB Cable option simply isn’t available, as Palm is too busy dying to support an up-and-coming version of the most popular […]

  • Welcome Vista x64

    I wrote quite a while ago that I had ordered two new laptops for Lois and me, with Vista x64 on them. They took a lot longer to arrive than anyone thought (including the vendor, PowerNotebooks), due to delays in getting the LCD’s from China. Because of all of the delays, I had […]

  • PowerNotebooks Laptops Ordered

    I’ve written about my laptop a number of times. Separately, I’ve written about Windows XP, Vista, Linux and what I might choose when buying a new laptop. This morning, I ordered two identical laptops from PowerNotebooks.com, one for me and one for Lois. Here is the link to the specific model: PowerPro I […]

  • Vista SP1

    If you stop by here regularly, then you know I’ve railed about Windows Vista at least once. Aside from hearing tons of complaints from friends and strangers, I had the displeasure of using my previously mentioned computer ministry to set up a new Dell computer for my cul-de-sac neighbor’s mom last year. At […]

  • Microsoft Madness

    Yesterday, I read the following article on PC World’s website. It mirrored my thoughts about Windows XP vs Windows Vista perfectly, including direct experience not just theory. What I learned in that post (which I probably should have known earlier but didn’t) is that Microsoft intends to stop most sales of Windows XP […]