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  • Girlyman at Workplay

    Earlier in the week I said we’d finish off our Birmingham trip with a surprise. Seeing Girlyman perform at Workplay on Sunday night topped off an already incredible week of family, friends and fun (henceforth known as the 3 F’s). Anyone who has read more than a few of my posts knows how […]

  • Joey Ryan and Matt Hires at Workplay

    We visit Birmingham, AL at least twice a year. We were planning to arrive late last night. A week earlier, I noticed a tweet by Joey Ryan that he was touring the South opening for Matt Hires. After a quick consultation with Lois, we changed our plans to arrive much earlier in the […]

  • Vienna Teng, Alex Wong and Glen Phillips at Workplay

    This post is a day late because we didn’t complete the trifecta and follow Vienna Teng and Alex Wong to Louisiana. Instead, we kept our word and drove home from Birmingham, AL, a trip that took a day and a half of driving. On Thursday, we drove from Atlanta to Birmingham to catch […]

  • Vienna Teng, Alex Wong and Glen Phillips at Variety Playhouse

    We are huge fans of Vienna Teng and Alex Wong. I’ve written about them together and separately many times. You can read the original one about the two of them together here. We were in Florida visiting my folks for the past few days and heading back to NY yesterday. When planning the […]