Month: October 2007

  • California Guitar Trio at BB King

    If you don’t know how we came to see California Guitar Trio (CGT), you didn’t read my previous post. Last night was a typical evening for us at BB King’s. We had excellent seats, and thoroughly enjoyed our meals, including a fabulous chocolate martini for me too. Yummy. CGT is three guitarists who […]

  • Treble at Joes Pub

    When we saw Charlie Daniels Band on Saturday, October 20th, 2007 at BB King, I noticed that the following Sunday (8 days later), a group called California Guitar Trio (CGT) would be playing at BB’s. I didn’t link any of the above, because this posting isn’t really about any of them, but they’re […]

  • Long Lost Friends Week

    There were two recurring themes this week, long-lost friends are seen in person and serendipity in everything we did (sometimes related to long-lost friends, sometimes not). In this post, I mentioned our long-lost friends from our vacation in Vail in 1987! That kicked the week off, so officially, it began on Friday evening […]

  • Kathy Mattea at Joes Pub

    Last night, Lois and I saw Kathy Mattea perform at Joe’s Pub. It was a minor odyssey to make it all happen… Since we regularly frequent Joe’s Pub (as loyal readers already know), I read their regular email newsletter reasonably carefully, to spot performers that we already know, as well as attempt to […]

  • Wicked Serendipity

    The last time I wrote about Wicked, we were close to calling it our last time, given the disappointing performances of the two leads. Two people whom I don’t know commented on my blog (one is rare enough), and one, Vickie, pointed out that the Elphaba lead was going to change to Stephanie […]

  • Dumb Play in Weekly Poker Tourney

    Well, the notes say it all… ********************************* 896 entrants, top 90 paid I had some time to play in qualifiers this week. I won three seats, so in addition to playing in this one, I have two additional entries that I can use on any future Sunday. In addition, I also came in […]

  • Charlie Daniels Band at BB King

    Last night, Lois and I went to BB King’s to see the Charlie Daniels Band (CDB). In the past, I’ve mentioned that Lois is a huge Country music fan, and that I have (happily) come along for the ride. The truth is that I have loved CDB since I was a teen (their […]

  • Coincidence or Serendipity?

    You be the judge. 😉 As many of you know, Joe’s Pub is one of our favorite places to see a concert. We’re going again later this week, but that in itself is a good enough story to merit its own blog after the show. None of you may recall how we came […]

  • NBC Got It Right

    I’m a complete sucker for sitcoms. Even stupid ones make me laugh. Yes, I can distinguish between a good one and a horrible one, but like I said, even most horrible ones make me laugh. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for Lois. She really loves to laugh, and there are some sitcoms that […]

  • Disappointing Result in Sunday Poker Tourney

    Nothing more to say other than my notes taken during tonight’s big tourney… *********************************************** 929 entrants, top 100 paid Won my entry on Friday. Poor start. I had J2o in the big blind on the first hand. Flop came 5JK rainbow. Small blind and I were the only two in the hand. He […]