I’m Hadar Pedhazur. I’m retired (happily) for quite a while now. Past lives included actuarial trainee, programmer (that’s what we called it in the olden days) and venture capitalist.


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  1. Peterjoseph Avatar

    Really cool blog! It’s awesome to see someone who is so into and supportive of independent music (& food)! I made my way to your blog by way of Jesse Terry, I had the pleasure of playing a show with him last weekend and hanging with him and his wonderful wife for a bit. I wanted to let you know that my group will be playing a show in NYC at The National Underground on April 27 at 8pm, so please check out our music and stop by if you’re around then!
    Look forward to reading more posts!]



  2.  Avatar

    Thanks Pete! I’ll see if we can work in the show on the 27th, thanks for letting me know about it.

  3. Pete Avatar

    Hey Hadar! If you are around tomorrow night we will be upstairs at The National Underground, 8pm. Hope to see you and if not hopefully we can connect soon!

  4.  Avatar

    I’m pretty sure we’ll be there! Looking forward to it! 🙂

  5. Pete Avatar

    That’s great! We’ll see you there!

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