Jeff Wahl on Magnatune

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In this post, I wrote about a wonderful online record label called Magnatune. I mentioned that I had downloaded three albums by a specific artist, but wouldn’t mention that artist in the post.

His name is Jeff Wahl, and he’s another great acoustic guitarist. In my next post, I’ll finally tell how I discovered Magnatune, and therefore Jeff Wahl. I have written a fair bit about acoustic guitar music in the past two months, with a drop more to come in the next day or two (then possibly silence on the topic for a while).

Jeff isn’t as flashy as some of the others that I have written about (and that I will write about shortly), but he’s rock solid, and I really like his music. I liked it the first time I listened to it, but it has grown on me (considerably) each time I’ve listened to it.

He has three albums, all good, but I’ll list them in the order that I like them (at the moment):

  1. Guinevere
  2. Guitarscapes
  3. Meditative Guitar

To repeat one of the great things about Magnatune, you can listen to full albums, for free, an unlimited number of times. So, by clicking on the link of Jeff Wahl’s name above, you can hear all three albums at your convenience. When you’re on that page, right under his name at the top, are the names of the three albums, and to the right of each, links to play them in hifi, lofi, etc.

Another wonderful thing I’ve already mentioned about Magnatune is that I am encouraged to give away three copies of the music I purchased and downloaded. As opposed to the Phil Keaggy CD that I am giving to Sally in three weeks (sorry folks, you snooze, you lose!) đŸ˜‰ this one won’t be in the form of a contest. The main reason is that anyone can listen to all of Jeff’s albums any time they want, for free, as long as they’re online.

So, I don’t feel I’m denying anyone by not giving them a chance to get one for free.

My biggest decision isn’t who to offer it to (I have some ideas already), but rather how. I can give all three albums to just three people, or I can spread the love and give one album each to nine different people (not the same album, three different people get three different albums). I’ll make the decision and distribute the music (or rather the links!) this week.

Jeff also puts up a lot of videos of him playing on YouTube. Here’s one example. He also responds to users who comment on his videos. Seems like a very nice guy, and I wish him the greatest success with his music! Since you can listen to all of his music at Magnatune, having YouTube videos is a bonus, but not a must-have, since his style is less visually compelling than some of the other acoustic guitarists featured on YouTube.