Welcome Me to Mastadon

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I mentioned in this post that my Twitter addiction had been broken. It still has. From the time of the great migration from Twitter to Mastodon, I had little interest in joining Mastodon. That’s ironic, because for many years, Mastodon has been on my to-do list of things to check out.

My real hesitation to use the timing of leaving Twitter to finally check out Mastodon was actually reading about what the real experience of being part of Mastodon was like. It certainly wasn’t pretty (both technically and a little practically).

However, my real hesitation was the prediction that Mastodon would change radically given the influx, in particular of non-technical people. Couple that with the fact that many of those people were still posting on Twitter daily, telling everyone that they should leave Twitter, was amusing and exhausting.

So, why am I finally here? Simply to see whether I was able to install and configure my own Mastodon server. Once I publish this post, we’ll find out, as my first ever Toot will be a link to this post. I’ll probably come back here and edit it to point to that Toot, making this a self-referential infinite loop.

I still haven’t followed anyone (but I will do that soon). Only then will I find out whether the experience will have been worth the effort. I also haven’t installed an app on my phone yet, but once I Toot, I’ll do that too, to see what the experience is like.

If you know me, you’re more than welcome to sign up to my Mastodon instance (at least you’ll know you can fully trust me as the administrator). If you don’t know me, you’re still welcome to join, but know that I will have zero tolerance for nonsense and bounce you off if you aren’t a good fellow citizen.

The only real caveat is that I occasionally (a few times a week!) reboot the server. That will make your access unavailable for 1-3 minutes whenever that happens. You’ve been warned…

To do that, you have to know where my instance lives. Now you know.

More specifically, I can be found here. The more Twitter-like version of my username is: @hadarvc@social.opticality.com







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