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  • Server Relocation

    Tomorrow night, probably at roughly 8pm EST, the server (the one serving up this content to you) will be heading south, literally. It will be moved from one data center (in Northern Virginia) to a data center in Central Virginia. For a number of reasons, I have chosen a less than fault […]

  • Girlyman at Wolftrap

    Last night finally came, thankfully! We’ve been waiting (not so patiently!) since November 4th, 2007 to see Girlyman live again. That’s 143 days, in a row (if you can believe that). Somehow, we survived, but I’m not sure how! Continuing with the new tradition, I’ll cover the concert first, then circle back and […]

  • Professional Apologists

    Unless you live under a rock (and even then) you’ve heard/seen Hillary Clinton’s latest gaffe, regarding being shot at while in Bosnia in 1996. You can read the story from a professional news organization, on the off chance that you do live under a rock. Nowadays, making a gaffe like that requires some […]

  • Snarky Customer Service

    As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Girlyman. I have an alert service that informs me whenever there is news about them (and The Wailin’ Jennys as wel). Today, I received an alert pointing me to a blog about Brooklyn. In this post, she writes about a Brooklyn-based group called Sweet […]

  • Microsoft Madness

    Yesterday, I read the following article on PC World’s website. It mirrored my thoughts about Windows XP vs Windows Vista perfectly, including direct experience not just theory. What I learned in that post (which I probably should have known earlier but didn’t) is that Microsoft intends to stop most sales of Windows XP […]

  • Kodak Z712IS First Impression

    Lois is photo-biographer and always has been. Way before digital cameras were available, Lois was buying 36mm film by the truckload. Our godchildren can attest to the thousands (or is it millions) of times that they have been asked (yes, I’m being polite!) to pose for yet another photo. Things got better in […]

  • Who Needs Floppies

    Since I just wrote about my laptop spring cleaning, I may as well get one more geek post out of my system. 😉 I run many Asterisk servers. I love it. That said, I am still running the 1.2.x branch on all of the servers. They are up to on the production […]

  • Laptop Spring Cleaning

    In two weeks, my current laptop will be four years old. Wow! It’s a little hard for me to believe that I have resisted the siren song of all the new hardware that has come out during that time. While I covet the latest stuff, and configure up a dream laptop online at […]

  • Obama Speech Earns Nomination

    It’s been hard to watch TV the past few days without being inundated by the videos of Barack Obama’s former pastor, Dr. Jermiah A. Wright, Jr. In grabbing the link for Dr. Wright, I was quite surprised to see that he’s still listed as the pastor for the Trinity United Church of Christ, […]

  • Yet Another Theme Update

    YATU (Yet Another Theme Update)… In two previous posts, I mentioned that with my new XAMPP setup, I could and would be tinkering around with WordPress themes a bit more. At the same time, I switched to the Aspire theme, which I liked (functionally), but wasn’t thrilled about in terms of color contrast. […]