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I thought I might keep this blog a secret, since I have nothing useful to say (seriously!). But, on the off chance that I can ruin someone else’s day by having them read this, that might make me feel a tad better about the things that I am ranting about to begin with 😉

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This is the post where I’m claiming my blog with them…

Decision Time

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OK, very reluctantly, I’ve decided to post a few blog entires and “dip my toe”. For the moment, I think I’ll keep it to more “personal” stuff. We’ll see whether any business posts sneak in at some future point.

Hello world!

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This is something I have wanted to avoid doing for a very long time, and I’m not sure this is the right time to stop avoiding it.

For now, I’ll leave this first post at this, understanding that this is simply a “placeholder” post, before I decide whether to dive in a little more deeply.