• Welcome WordPress 2.7

    I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7. It was super simple, no glitches whatsoever. Earlier in the day, I noticed that there was an updated version of the Simple Tags plugin that I use, clearly stating that it worked with 2.7. I upgraded that while still running 2.6.5. Then I upgraded WordPress to 2.7 […]

  • Firefox DOM Inspector

    Yesterday, I raved about XAMPP in this post. In there, I made the following statement: The other major thing that I don’t like (but which I suspect is easily fixable with a CSS tweak) is that the Sociable plugin formats the icons in a list (one per line) rather than as an inline […]

  • Updated Theme and XAMPP

    For a while now, I’ve been both relatively happy with my theme, as well as marginally frustrated by it. I don’t need to bore you with exactly what I didn’t like, so I’ll bore you instead with what I’ve done about it. 😉 I have never bothered in the past to dig too […]