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Javelin Technologies Launches First Commercial FIX 4.2 Offering

New York, NY, July 25, 2000 - Proving its ability to push innovation, Javelin Technologies announced today the launch of Coppelia with FIX 4.2, the first commercially available FIX 4.2 solution on the market. While adoption will take time, Javelin was concerned that the functionality in 4.2 be available industry-wide.

"F.I.X. version 4.2 was released March 1, 2000 and is a significant upgrade. It enhances the protocol's support for ECN and exchanges, equity options, program trading, Japanese language and market practices, foreign exchange, and other areas," said Scott Atwell, Manager of F.I.X. Trading and Connectivity at American Century and co-chair of the FIX Technical Committee. "Vendor support and implementation of the protocol is essential to the success of F.I.X. We are very pleased that Javelin and other vendors are implementing support for the latest version of the FIX Protocol."

"FIX 4.2 really expands the scope of FIX which paves the way for other innovations in electronic trading technology," said George Kledaras, president and CEO of Javelin Technologies. "Since we as a company have FIX innovations in the queue, it was important for us to ensure that the newest version was out there and available."

About Javelin Technologies, Inc.

Javelin Technologies, Inc., based in New York City, is the leading provider of FIX solutions for the global securities marketplace. Javelin is committed to providing innovative FIX solutions that facilitate electronic trading, enhance Straight Through Processing across security types and further the belief that one protocol, one language is the very key to open trade communication. Javelin supports over 100 clients and numerous strategic partners, including Discover Brokerage (Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online), A.W. Bertsch, Advent Software, Eze Castle, Fidelity Management Research, Instinet, Thomson Financial, Market XT, SS&C, Schroders and AutEx. For information on Javelin's FIX technology, visit their website at www.javtech.com.

Coppelia FIX Server Technology is a cost-effective and highly reliable Financial Information Exchange (FIX) messaging solution that communicates in all FIX versions while easily adapting to any existing system environment. The Coppelia Suite includes the Server solution, FIXometer, FIX Messaging Simulator and test scripts that create a complete environment for quick integration and implementation, as well as ongoing efficient operation of the product. Coppelia FIX server technology is available with many options that include high availability, enhanced performance, FIX to CMS, and ACT reporting, all designed to provide the optimal solution for your unique trading needs.


Stephanie Cohen
Javelin Technologies, Inc.
212-422-6000, ext. 237

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