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Javelin Technologies

"... We met investors who tried to convince us that they had their pulse on the future of electronic trading. But Hadar was the only one we met who actually did. His ability to simultaneously embody the worlds of technology and finance was the first thing that caught our attention. But as we discovered very soon afterwards, his business acumen, management expertise and contacts were exactly what we needed and there was no question we wanted him onboard.

Opticality acts like a true partner and created an environment where other strategic and institutional investors came to us. And because of Hadar's reputation for finding hidden gems, we found ourselves fielding calls from the top investment banks all eager to invest in future rounds. Amazing!


--- George Kledaras, CEO
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Zero G Software

"As a company founded by two engineers, Zero G needed a VC that truly understood the technology behind its products. With Hadar Pedhazur, the company couldn't have made a better choice. Hadar's depth of knowledge in technical areas has impressed everyone in our organization, and his insight into our business, our products, and our market has been dead-on.

Hadar's personality makes it especially pleasurable working with him. Consistently warm and engaging, he eschews the intimidation tactics that are common in the VC community. Able to be constructive without being overbearing, he helps us arrive at our decisions in a collaborative manner! In our industry, that's more unusual than it sounds.

Bringing Opticality on board was one of the very best decisions we've made as a company."

--- Greg Maletic, Co-Founder & CTO


"... Equally important, Hadar and his team are amazingly accessible, and will always make time for management. In a business where things happen incredibly quickly, and minimizing opportunity costs is crucial to winning, Hadar's availability to focus on our priorities at a moment's notice is both an asset for the business and a source of comfort for management.

Finally, everything Hadar and his team do is infused with an honest, ethical, no nonsense approach that is a breath of fresh air in an industry that isn't always knows for such virtues. He truly cares about you as an individual, your business, and your vision, and will do what it takes to help you succeed!"

--- Michael Diamant, CEO
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"From our first meeting with Hadar, we knew we wanted him as part of our team. We were delighted when Opticality decided to invest in Conducent and Hadar joined our board. He brings an amazing combination of knowledge, experience and 'gut sense' across technology and business, and he is generous in sharing it.

In a very short time, Hadar has already made a tremendous difference at Conducent and we look forward to continuing this fruitful and thoroughly enjoyable relationship!"

--- Denis Yaro, President & COO

ARC Systems

"... What makes [Hadar] unique is his appreciation of what it takes to make a business work from a technology perspective as well as the effort required to produce measurable results. He understands the financial and management parameters of running a profitable business.

... At the core of all business is a philosophy which permeates the organization in ways people seldom understand. Those elements are a high set of principles, not the least of which are honesty, morality, and a deep sense of fair play. Hadar embodies these principles in everything he does. We are extremely fortunate to have Hadar as an investor, VC, and advisor for ARC Systems."

--- Ed Jones, CEO
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BigCharts, Inc.

"... I am pleased and proud to be the first company that Hadar invested in, and value his contribution in helping us build our business into a property worthy of sale to CBS MarketWatch.com. Hadar's advice to me and to Jamie Thingelstad (our CTO) has been invaluable.

I have told many entrepreneurs not to simply settle for money, but to look for true partners in those that fund them. In Hadar, we found that, and I am grateful for it."

--- Philip Hotchkiss, CEO
     President, CBS MarketWatch.com

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Digital Creations

"Hadar Pedhazur has been instrumental in the success of Digital Creations. One month after he made the investment, Hadar led us to the pivotal Open Source decision. Hadar's unique combination of industry vision, technical savvy, and financial wisdom gives us an unbeatable competitive advantage."

--- Paul Everitt, CEO


"All VCs tell you that they will add value as well as money. Hadar Pedhazur actually delivers. He has provided SciComp with everything from sales leads to business model strategies to hacking details. Hadar is an inextinguishable fountain of creative ideas and enthusiasm, wrapped in a solid core of competence, caring, and integrity. Working with him to increase SciComp's value is a true pleasure."

--- Elaine Kant, CEO

XMLSolutions Corporation

"... The business of XML is moving at break-neck speed. It was incumbent upon us to find someone who could both keep up, but assure that we didn't run so fast as to forget what direction we should be running in. Hadar has wonderfully performed the role of someone who both pushes us and guides us at the same time. He has solved thorny problems and introduced us to terrific customer opportunities.

... When I met Hadar a year ago, I knew I wanted him to back whatever company I formed. Now that he's done so, I know that I was correct, and I'll take the credit."

--- Kevin Kail, CEO
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Red Oak Software

"... But, what really makes Hadar unique is that he simply and truly cares. I have known him for over a decade and have been continually amazed by his unfailing willingness to share his broad knowledge, perspective and time. In fact, his passion for our success has been equaled only by his dispassionate and sound business judgment.

... Every company, new or old, states they believe deeply in doing business ethically and above reproach. Hadar is one of the few individuals where this belief is at the heart of everything he does. When he says he believes it is the right thing to do, you can rest assured it will pass all tests. There is no substitute for integrity."

--- George Cummings, CEO
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SourceGear Corporation

"... Based on my experiences so far, Hadar Pedhazur is refreshingly genuine. Even though our firm has not yet obtained funding from Hadar, he has invested substantial amounts of time and energy in helping us. He has been selfless, trustworthy, and clueful. I can point to specific, concrete situations where his counsel has helped SourceGear be more successful.

Based on his growing reputation, Hadar Pedhazur hardly needs my recommendation. I am nonetheless pleased to offer it. If you can convince Hadar to invest in your firm, do the deal."

--- Eric Sink, CEO
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