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Source: Zope Corporation

CNHI Launches Company-Wide CMS Initiative on Zope Corp.'s Hosted Zope4Media Platform

Monday June 13, 8:00 am ET

FREDERICKSBURG, VA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jun 13, 2005 -- Zope Corp., publishers of Zope®, the leading Open Source Web application server, announced today that Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. has selected its Zope4Media platform and enterprise managed hosting service for all its 133 newspaper properties.

"It's critical for CNHI's newspapers to expand and succeed in the online arena," said Michael Reed, CEO of CNHI. "This new platform allows us to leverage all of our resources on the Web and build dynamic sites for the future."

"Developers from our largest newspapers are thrilled with the technology, flexibility and value the Zope platform brings to our sites," said Bill Blevins, CNHI vice president of Internet operations. "We are eagerly working to consolidate our core online product on the Zope4Media platform in Zope's managed hosting environment. This relationship will allow our newspapers to turn their full attention to creating great online content for our visitors and launching new advertising channels for revenue generation without the distractions of operational support for a large number of individual sites.

"We are particularly excited about Zope4Media's ability to syndicate all types of content to both our print newsrooms and to our sites," Blevins said. "We expect to reap significant benefits from our network of sites with this feature."

CNHI's transition to the new platform began in May 2005 with the launch of a content syndication site (www.CNHIns.com) where CNHI newsrooms share stories and photographs through CNHI News Service editors.

"The Zope technology is a mile wide and a mile deep," said Brad Dennison, CNHI vice president of editorial. "We now have a cutting-edge news wire Web site that allows us to easily and efficiently share the best work of our newspapers every day while creating an archive of stories, photos and graphics that our editors can tap into forever. It's only going to get bigger and better as our newspapers move to this platform."

CNHI's 89 daily papers will be moving their sites to the new platform through the end of the year. A small central team from CNHI's headquarters in Birmingham will coordinate operational and design standards with content development functions remaining distributed at the individual properties.

"We are proud that CNHI selected Zope Corp. and Zope4Media for this enterprise-wide project," said Rob Page, CEO of Zope Corp. "As exciting as the near-term is, we also look forward to a collaborative relationship with CNHI in the ongoing development of capabilities and features that serve their readers and advertisers. The local media market is competitive and demands innovation. CNHI's ongoing investments will yield network-wide benefits quickly and at a lower cost than alternatives."

About Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.

Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. (www.CNHI.com), formed in 1997 with corporate headquarters located in Birmingham, Alabama, is the parent company for daily, weekly and semiweekly newspapers published in more than 200 communities throughout the United States. A premium has been placed on purchasing newspapers in geographic proximity, for operational efficiency and in order to provide additional services to readers. The company's other holdings include a variety of ancillary publications and services that complement its newspaper mission.



About Zope Corp.

Zope Corp., the leading provider of Enterprise Content Management solutions based on the open source Zope application server, rapidly creates and deploys high-performance, scalable systems. Source code is included, giving clients complete control over their software. Fortune 1000 companies, newspapers, broadcast media, telecoms, government agencies, military and educational institutions are among its clients. Products include: Zope4Media (most advanced, affordable web content publishing solution for broadcast and print media); Zope4Intranets (robust, configurable, programmable, extensible, enterprise class Intranet); Zope Enterprise CMS (robust, configurable, programmable, extensible, enterprise class CMS addresses unique business/technical requirements); Zope Replication Services (product family increases performance / recoverability for Zope enterprise clusters); Zope Managed Hosting (multi-tiered, Zope-optimized managed hosting / services for Zope Corp. products / solutions. Servers are co-located in a tier-1 datacenter); Zope Registration Manager (designs, delivers, stores and manages "registrations" e.g., memberships / contests / newsletters / surveys / polls); Zope4Edu (university-specific CMS). Services encompass custom solutions, training (including a global partner network), support and managed hosting. Zope Corp. is backed by Opticality Ventures. Fredericksburg, VA, 540-361-1720, http://www.zope.com/

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