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Wednesday February 23, 2:23 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: XMLSolutions Corporation

Father of Markup Languages Praises Use of XML in XMLSolutions' XEDI Translator

Dr. Charles F. Goldfarb views XEDI as "future-proofed"

MCLEAN, Va., Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The father of markup languages and the inventor of XML's parent, SGML, says XMLSolutions' XEDI Translator employs an ingenious approach for the representation of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) information in XML. The XEDI Translator, released last week, enables companies using EDI to expand their set of business partners instantly by automatically translating EDI documents to and from XML, the language of business-to-business e-commerce.

According to Dr. Charles F. Goldfarb, ``XMLSolutions' XEDI Translator makes ingenious use of XML's ability to represent any semantics in a single universal syntax. Instead of treating each EDI message as a unique document type, the software cleverly handles all messages consistently. It is therefore 'future-proofed' for any new or revised messages the standards committees might create.''

EDI and web-enabled e-commerce are major themes of the Second Edition of Dr. Goldfarb's XML Handbook, recently published by Prentice-Hall.

Information on the XEDI approach to XML representation of EDI is available at http://www.xedi.org. Information on the XEDI Translator is available at XMLSolutions' web site at http://www.xmls.com.

About XMLSolutions Corporation

XMLSolutions is a provider of B2B e-commerce products and services that enables customers to electronically communicate with all of their customers and suppliers without human intervention. Leveraging products and consulting services, XMLSolutions also allows customers to:

Manage XML application development and deployment through DTD/Schema management and programming utilities.

Enable legacy systems and data to participate in the e-commerce revolution with the potential to save companies months of labor and millions of dollars. Rapidly implement XML Application Integration (XAI) initiatives through custom application development using leading-edge products.

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia, with offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, India and The Netherlands. For more information, visit http://www.xmls.com or contact:

Daryn Walters of XMLSolutions Corporation, Email: walters@xmls.com phone: 703-506-1111, Fax: 703-556-9602, Web: http://www.xmls.com

Pete Arnold of Pete Arnold Associates, Email: pete@parnold.com, Phone: 781-239-1030, Fax: 781-239-1204

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