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Thursday April 27, 2:28 pm Eastern Time

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SOURCE: XMLSolutions Corporation

XMLSolutions Introduces META-X Implementation Methodology for E-Business

MCLEAN, Va., April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- XMLSolutions Corporation, a worldwide provider of strategic business-to-business, XML-based software and services, today introduced the META-X(SM) Implementation Methodology for e- business initiatives. By using these proven META-X techniques and guidelines, companies can take advantage of both the technological syntax and business semantics or definitions needed for enterprise application integration and e- business initiatives.

XMLSolutions' time-tested META-X Implementation Methodology is a collection of techniques and guidelines on how to build, assemble, maintain, and/or enhance software and business processes to deliver complete solutions for e-business or extensible application integration (XAI(SM)). Built on XMLSolutions' expertise in strategic metadata management, XML application development, and e-business implementations, this methodology contains generalized templates with activities and tasks that are mapped to techniques, tools, and guidelines for particular customer needs.

  • META-X Implementation Methodology guides businesses as they:
  • Provide personalized relationships with business partners
  • Improve efficiencies and accuracy of communications with business


  • Involve new partners in existing processes
  • Open doors to new areas of business
  • Facilitate rapid decision making
  • Provide a scalable methodology that can be applied for an entire project or smaller components of a large project

META-X emphasizes the importance of electronically enabling key information assets that drive today's business. XMLSolutions Services teams leverage critical corporate information assets and deliver significant competitive advantages and expedited processes through utilization of the META-X Implementation Methodology in all projects.

To experience the benefits of utilizing the META-X Implementation Methodology, please contact the XMLSolutions Sales Team at sales@xmls.com or call 1-877-434-XMLS (1-877-434-9657).

About XMLSolutions Corporation

XMLSolutions Corporation (www.xmls.com) is a leading provider of XML-based infrastructure software and services that allow companies to achieve enterprise-to-enterprise information integration, or E2Ei(SM). XMLSolutions software allows customers to aggressively leverage existing enterprise systems to deploy new enterprise-to-enterprise information over the Internet. XMLSolutions facilitates communication among trading partners and internal applications such as ERP, mainframe and EDI.

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia's technology corridor with offices in Atlanta; Charlotte, NC; Chicago; New York; San Francisco; Bangalore, India; Seoul, Korea; S. Africa; The Netherlands; Denmark; Austria; Sweden; Switzerland; Belgium; Germany; France; Italy; Spain and the UK.

Daryn Walters
XMLSolutions Corporation
Email: walters@xmls.com
Phone: 703.506.1111
Fax: 703.556.9602
Web: http://www.xmls.com

Pete Arnold
Pete Arnold Associates
Email: pete@parnold.com
Phone: 781.239.1030
Fax: 781.239.1204

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