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Thursday July 20, 8:01 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: Sybase, Inc.

Sybase Drives Enterprise Portal Leadership, Customer Value by Teaming With Leading-Edge e-Business Application Providers

New e-Portal Alliance Partners Provide Powerful e-Commerce, B2B, Web Management, Business Workflow and Analysis Capabilities for Sybase Enterprise Portal

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing to drive its market leadership in the enterprise portals market, Sybase, Inc. (Nasdaq: SYBS - news), today announced seven new partners have joined the e-Portal Alliance program, designed to deliver leading-edge applications for Sybase® Enterprise Portal (EP).

The e-Portal Alliance program enables customers to incorporate the best applications available today with Sybase Enterprise Portal. ``Sybase has laid the foundation for comprehensive, enterprise-class portal solutions using Sybase Enterprise Portal,'' said Sherrie Richardson, director, Strategic Alliances, Sybase Enterprise Solutions Division. ``By partnering with these leading applications solutions providers, and offering customers the peace of mind that these applications work with Sybase EP, we provide further value-added and customization capabilities to an extremely rich and powerful foundation.''

The e-Portal Alliance program, which was launched in February of this year, has been specifically designed to provide customers with powerful applications designed to work seamlessly with Sybase Enterprise Portal. Sybase provides validation capabilities for these application solution products, so that customers are assured the applications work with Sybase EP. Partners announcing their commitment to the Sybase e-Portal Alliance today include: Black Pearl, Cohera, CorVu, Enterworks, TUMI Software, WebTrends and XML Solutions.

``Combining CorVu's technology with Sybase Enterprise Portal ensures customers a more complete picture of their business performance,'' said Alan Missroon, vice president of marketing for CorVu. ``This partnership ultimately benefits our joint customers, who receive valuable enterprise business performance management solutions within a personalized, secure enterprise portal.''

The alliance program enables companies to customize Sybase EP using powerful new applications, providing further momentum to Sybase's drive in leading the enterprise portal market.

``WebTrends solutions build on the Web personalization and e-commerce features of Sybase's Enterprise Portal, providing in-depth insight and analysis of Web site visitors' needs and preferences,'' said Joseph DePaola, vice president of business development for WebTrends. ``Enterprise Portal customers incorporating WebTrends software will better understand their visitors' preferences and can create marketing strategies to convert visitors into first-time customers, and first-time customers into lifetime customers.''

Sybase EP provides non-stop, continuous availability, personalization and integration of enterprise data and applications. It enables organizations to rapidly implement an enterprise portal and provide a personalized business experience for customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Since each organization has different needs when developing a portal, Sybase Enterprise Portal provides customers with the flexibility to implement an enterprise portal that matches their exact needs, via the e-Portal Alliance, including new partner technologies in e-commerce, analysis, Web management, B2B and business workflow management.

Partner Details


Cohera: Offering advanced data aggregation and content management capabilities, the Cohera E-Catalog System(TM) retrieves and integrates static and dynamic data from multiple platforms, formats and locations. The result is a single, standards-based format-a dynamic ``e-Catalog''-that appears as a single, unified SQL data source.

TUMI Software: The TUMI system is designed to help companies with buying strategies and supply chain management, including managing and forecasting their inventory levels by evaluating sophisticated decision models designed for high-service industries such as telecommunications, healthcare and retail-industries where Sybase shares expertise.

Black Pearl: Black Pearl's Knowledge Broker allows companies to capture, codify and apply internal best practices to real-time data and live feedback, extending their expertise into electronic channels. By matching customer interests with seller expertise at the moment of contact, with full consideration of buyer and seller goals, preferences, behaviors, and market context, it enables complex commerce through premium interactions.


CorVu: CorVu provides enterprise e-Business performance management and balanced scorecard solutions that help companies merge business vision with company, industry and competitive analysis.

Web Management

WebTrends: CommerceTrends 3.0 Visitor Relationship Management software from WebTrends provides in-depth insights of enterprise portal visitor behavior, needs and preferences, including Web visitor analysis, campaign management, revenue forecasting, e-Marketing ROI analysis and visitor and buyer qualification.


XMLSolutions Corporation: XMLSolutions Corporation offers software for managing XML-based B2B transactions between trading partners and across exchanges. Included in this offering are XML-to-XML transformation, EDI/XML integration and secure guaranteed delivery of B2B transactions.

Business Workflow

Enterworks: Enterworks provides e-marketplaces and information portals advanced solutions for business process automation and exception handling and real-time cataloging that automate end-to-end business transactions, incorporating supply chains and enterprise applications across multiple business-to-business customers, partners and suppliers.

The Sybase e-Portal Alliance is continuing recruitment in key e-Business arenas. Application vendors interested in participating in the alliance program can visit http://www.sybase.com/ep/alliance and apply online.

About Sybase, Inc.

Headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., Sybase, Inc., is one of the largest global independent software companies. Sybase helps businesses integrate, manage and deliver applications, content and data anywhere they are needed. The company's products, combined with its world-class professional services and partner technologies, provide a comprehensive platform for integrated, end-to-end solutions in mobile and embedded computing, data warehousing, and Web environments. Sybase focuses especially on EP solutions, which give businesses the ability to extend their enterprise to customers, partners, and suppliers by converting stored data into useful information, which can be integrated and personalized in a continuously available environment for use anywhere at anytime. Sybase customers represent the industries leading the global economy, with strong concentrations in financial services, public sector, telecommunications and healthcare. The company's Web address is http://www.sybase.com .

NOTE: Sybase is a registered trademark of Sybase, Inc. or its subsidiaries. All other product names mentioned may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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