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Digital Creations Receives $750,000 In Venture Funding

Fredericksburg, VA, Nov. 6 – Digital Creations 2, Inc., a Virginia-based company providing consulting services for web business applications, today announced that it has received $750,000 in its first round of venture capital funding from Verticality Investment Group, LLC (VIG), a Jersey City, N.J.-based venture capital firm that invests in private technology companies.

Digital Creations will use the funding to significantly grow its consulting business. The company’s powerful Principia web application platform has been developed over the last two years and used in high scale, dynamic web sites for business applications. With this software architecture, Digital Creations brings a significant advantage in projects focused on time, value, and certainty of success. The company specifically targets complex web ventures with multi-level customer relationships.

Paul Everitt, a founder and Digital Creations’ CEO, said the relationship with Verticality is a tremendous catalyst. "Digital Creations has a powerful, unique architecture and proven track record in delivering on its promises to customers. Verticality’s principals have tremendous business insight and a deep understanding of technology trends. The strong relationship that we have formed gives us an accelerated roadmap for entering the larger consulting services marketplace."

Hadar Pedhazur, principal of VIG, says, "Digital Creations will emerge as a significant force in the web application services market. Their architecture resonates with how the web is now integral to the global business community. Digital Creations is an aggressive, responsive company that owns transformative technology and is now moving into the larger arena of consulting."

VIG is a venture capital management company that focuses on investments in private technology companies, generally those involved in software development concentrating on finance, the Internet, programming tools, development environments, distributed object systems and programming languages. VIG's partners have achieved notable successes in both large corporate and entrepreneurial venues. For more information, call Hadar Pedhazur at 201-656-9311 or visit the web site at http://www.verticality.com.

Founded in Fredericksburg in 1995, Digital Creations is an established leader in web technology that connects business applications to the online world. Digital Creations’ architecture and services have been used in high-end solutions for newspaper, government, and web businesses. For more information, call Paul Everitt at 540.371.6909, email at paul@digicool.com, or visit the web site at http://www.digicool.com.

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