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Monday July 23, 8:35 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Digital Creations Renamed 'Zope Corporation'

Zope 2.4 Released

FREDERICKSBURG, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 23, 2001--Zope Corporation, the premier open source content management company, today announced its name change in recognition of the broad acceptance of its Zope platform and services. Zope Corporation also announced the availability of Zope 2.4, which provides even richer features to enable organizations to deploy and manage complex content management applications. These new features continue to improve the time-to-market advantage for Fortune 1000 companies, corporate intranets, community Web sites and content publishers.

``The name change from Digital Creations to Zope Corporation is a natural move as our product offerings, and services business, continue to evolve in the content management space,'' said Hadar Pedhazur, chairman of Zope Corporation. ``Zope has a tremendous following in the open source community as well as in many large companies whose solutions have been deployed with the Zope platform. This name change is intended to ensure that Zope, and the company that develops Zope, are more closely associated with one another in the marketplace.''

The Zope family of solutions makes it easy to rapidly build high-performance, scalable, secure, content management systems so that even non-technical users can maintain them. This ease-of-use combined with its open source roots make the Zope family of content creation, distribution and publication solutions extremely flexible and customizable. Zope offers premier for-fee products and services for complex, large-scale applications. In addition, there are over 20,000 developers contributing to Zope who can assist on smaller scale projects.

Zope 2.4 provides enhancements that help businesses quickly build powerful custom content management systems. The new features include:

Support for Python 2.1 Programming Language--Zope 2.4 is compatible with Python 2.1 and all of the features and functionality that come along with the new version of this renowned open source scripting language. Python enables developers to customize and build content management solutions for a wide variety of applications.

WebDAV--Distributed authoring and versioning allow content creators to interact with Zope through a file-based system for ease-of-use, which in turn enables seamless Web content development and updates from popular desktop programs.

Developer Productivity--Zope 2.4 empowers developers to quickly write new components and have them automatically update the system, which promotes developer productivity as they focus on the components they are writing rather than on updating the system.

Consulting Services, Pricing, Availability

Zope 2.4 is open source and available at www.zope.com. Zope Corporation also provides a full range of solutions for corporations requiring implementation assistance and/or specialized applications.

About Zope Corporation

Zope Corporation is the creator of a family of open source and for-fee content management solutions that help companies deliver and manage information. Zope also delivers a wide range of consulting and support services to a broad array of customers including Fortune 1000, media/telecom and government. The company's flagship platform, also called Zope, is built using Python, a high-level, easy-to-use, open source language enabling the quick development and deployment of comprehensive, flexible solutions. Zope is used by customers in over 62 countries, and supported by a global developer community. Zope Corporation is headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, and its PythonLabs division is located in Tyson's Corner, VA. Opticality Ventures I, LP, J.H. Whitney IV, LP and The Intel 64 Fund, are investors in the company. For more information, please visit www.zope.com.

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