I’m officially a fool…

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This (meaning, the title of this post) is not news to anyone who knows me 🙂

For the purposes of this post, I interpret being a fool to “continuing to waste time trying to get the Dell Latitude L400 to be a stable machine for my purposes”. It should have been obvious to everyone (including me) that nothing was going to make this machine do what I want it to (for those needing a refresher, read this).

Anyway, as I mentioned at the end of that post, perhaps Windows 2000 would solve the problem. Yeah, right, what a fool…

Yesterday, I spent 8+ hours (mostly working on my real laptop, but keeping an eye on the “install”, “updates”, etc.) getting Windows 2000 running on the Dell. As with all previous attempts (with XP and Linux), hours and hours go by with the machine taking updates one after another, and not crashing even once. One actually deludes oneself into thinking “this time, it’s gonna work”…

I blogged about the results late in the afternoon, in a very long, detailed posting. Of course, it got lost, as you will see if you read my previous post today. 🙁

I don’t have the energy, or inclination, to repeat all of the details. Suffice it to say that after 5 minutes (or less!) of streaming on the Slingbox, the machine halts every time. I would now guess that it’s perhaps a resource exhaustion issue, but the machine has even died in Linux, during a web browser session (which doesn’t preclude resource utilization, but doesn’t highlight it either).

Anyway, the machine is now relegated to the junk heap at worst, and at best, it will be a “spare” machine for guests to use as a browser toy (the vaunted “thin client”).

Good riddance!