Category: Frustration

  • Converting Windows VM from VirtualBox to virt-manager

    This is going to be my typical long, rambling post. I might have a TL;DR section way at the bottom with bullet points that eventually worked for me, but who knows. If you don’t care about deep techie stuff, definitely just skip this post (trust me…). I recently blogged about VirtualBox and virt-manager […]

  • Acer Aspire 5 A515-43-R19L Journey

    Two posts ago I mentioned that our goddaughter donated three older laptops for me to find good homes for. In that post, I had already found a good home for the better two of them (the very next day). The third laptop was the one in the title of this post, an Acer […]

  • One Bad Cable Spoils the Bunch

    Spoiler Alert!: well, the headline is the spoiler, so the alert is too late! But, there is a lengthy sub-plot here which has nothing to do with that cable, so aside from documenting the cable saga (which you know the ending of), there was more sleuthing necessary. I’ve been a Verizon FiOS customer […]

  • Powerless Blessing

    We live in a development where all the houses have electricity delivered via underground lines. The entire neighborhood is fed by a single pole. If that pole goes out, every house is hit. Some of our neighbors have whole home generators, we do not. This past Saturday, at 4:58am, our power went out. […]

  • Proxmox vs virt-manager

    I mentioned in my first post this year that I would cover many (if not most) of the technology projects that I’m working on in 2023. I’m well into it, and I haven’t posted about any of them (yet). One of the reasons is that I’m so deeply absorbed (in the best sense) […]

  • Twitter Addiction Broken

    I’ve been addicted to Twitter for nearly 16 years. I’ve been very happy about that addiction and have no regrets. It never interfered with my work (when I was working) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it in retirement. I rarely (as in almost never) post/tweet (at least not in the last 10+ years, I […]

  • Miracle on I-81

    We take multiple multi-week trips a year. The first two weeks of February happened to be one such trip. Before we left, the south got hit with the big ice storm. Northerners were making fun of people in Atlanta and Birmingham (even I recalled some locals panicking from 1/4″ of snow on a […]

  • Abby Ahmad at The Living Room

    Abby Ahmad was at The Living Room last night. I only learned about the show a few days ago and immediately changed our plans (from doing nothing, we need some of those nights too every once in a while). Unfortunately, it was a 10pm start time, but you do what you have to […]

  • The Book of Mormon on Broadway

    I’m a Scorpio, in practically every way. The most important way is that my birthday just recently passed. I love comedy in nearly every form. When we watch sitcoms on TV, and I laugh at everything truly groan-worthy, Lois always says: “You’re so easy!” It’s true, I am. I don’t live under a […]

  • Carbon Leaf at Sullivan Hall

    Last night was our first time at Sullivan Hall. It was also our first time seeing Carbon Leaf. Both of those are thanks to our love of Delta Rae, who opened for Carbon Leaf. I hadn’t listened to any of their music before the show, so I truly had no idea what to […]