White Out Conditions in Westchester

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We had to run some errands this morning. We left the house at 10:20am and drove to Chappaqua. While there, it started to snow. By the time we got back, less than 30 minutes after it started snowing, the conditions were white out and the roads were extremely slick.

When we got within 8/10’s of a mile of our house, we started seeing multiple accidents, with multiple police cars on the scene. The last stretch to our house is first entirely up hill, then entirely down hill. No momentum on the up hill, because one of the accidents was a car that was wrapped around a telephone pole on the opposite side (must have lost control coming down the hill), with air bag deployed. 🙁

Took a very long time to make the final 8/10’s of a mile, but we made it safely, so we’re not complaining.

Drive safely out there!!!