Month: January 2008

  • Nice Surprise From FestivaLink Today

    Who knew this blogging thing would pay off so big? 😉 Seriously though, today I got an unsolicited email from the good folks at That should immediately redirect you to a specific subdomain on I was one of (who knows how) many people that were all bcc’ed on the email. It […]

  • Finally, A Superbowl Fan Again

    I’ve loved football (playing and watching) since I’m six years old. Independent of that love, I have loved gambling (on a variety of things) since I’m 16 years old. In my early 20’s, I briefly combined the two, and made my first series of football bets. It was a disaster, as I won […]

  • Audio Video Cable Prices

    In this post, I linked to a great cable that solved my PC -> TV problem. That cable was purchased from The link in that article was to the exact cable I purchased, which cost me $24.95, including free parcel post shipping. It works perfectly. Here is another link on their site […]

  • The New York Times Makes Me Laugh

    I wanted to write about this immediately when I saw this last Friday. But, I really don’t write about politics per se, and my comments here have nothing to do with politics anyway. But, since I just wrote a few minutes ago regarding Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama, I had little trouble […]

  • Barack Obama Kennedy

    This past Sunday, Caroline Kennedy penned this editorial in The NY Times, endorsing Barack Obama for President. A day later, her uncle, Senator Edward/Ted Kennedy also endorsed Obama, and both appeared with the candidate. This is not a blog about politics, nor is it likely to ever become that. This is a blog […]

  • January 2008 Poker

    In my last two poker updates (here and here) I discussed my frustration with the one site I play on. I used to like pretty much everything about the site and the service, and now only the playing is fun, everything else stinks. As a new example, I mentioned in the recent posts […]

  • Lois is Always Right

    OK, the title might be a slight exaggeration. In the 26 years that Lois and I have been together, I am reasonably sure that she’s been wrong at least once, perhaps even twice. 😉 Of course, being a man, I still argue (like a blithering idiot), until (yet again), she ends up being […]

  • Rhonda Vincent at Joe’s Pub

    Friends of ours were coming into town this week from Vancouver. They were free Monday night (last night) so we suggested an early dinner followed by a concert at Joe’s Pub at 9:30pm. Rhonda Vincent and The Rage were performing. She’s the queen of Bluegrass Music (which I love). We sent them a […]

  • Poker Update

    Interesting few days of poker… In my last post on poker, I mentioned that I felt ripped off by my site for not allowing me to use my Tournament Dollars (TDs) to register in last Sunday’s big tourney. This was the first time ever that TDs weren’t an option. I also mentioned that […]

  • Rascal Flatts at Madison Square Garden

    Last night we finally saw Rascal Flatts at Madison Square Garden (MSG). I have written a number of times about the company that owns MSG (and also Radio City Music Hall and The Beacon Theater). That company is a subsidiary of Cablevision. They run their concerts like clockwork, and I think that is […]