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I just wrote about an awesome show put on by Girlyman last night at Joe’s Pub. In that post, I mentioned that they have a new Live CD called Somewhere Different Now (Live). Because I have a bunch of things to say about that CD, and because I always ramble on, I decided to break out these thoughts into a separate post.

Lois and I like to support the group in any way that we can. Aside from going to see them live, and taking new guests each time, we also buy a lot of their CDs and give them as gifts. Our first order (after seeing them for the first time) was for 11 CDs.

If you go to a live show in April, you can buy the new Live CD for $15. If you order it online, through the link above, by April 5th, 2008 at midnight, you can get it for $16.50 (that includes shipping). Why April 5th? Unitl then, the band is selling the CDs directly, so all of the proceeds go directly to them. Help them out (and enjoy yourself in the process!) by ordering the CD now!

On May 1st, the CD becomes officially available through normal distribution channels, including downloads, etc. If you haven’t bought it by then, you still should, but the band will get a much smaller cut.

OK, aside from supporting the band, is there any other reason to buy the CD? Are you kidding? ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are many awesome live CDs out there. Two of my favorites are CSNY’s 4 Way Street and The Allman Brother’s Band Live At The Fillmore East. As great as both of those double live CDs are, there are a few songs on 4 Way Street that I nearly always skip, and at the risk of being stoned by uber-fans of ABB, songs like Whipping Post, while awesome, go on a bit too long to listen to too often.

Somewhere Different Now (Live) is a terrific CD, from the first second, remaining good to the last drop. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why buy this CD?

  1. If you’ve ever seen Girlyman live, you can instantly transport back to a front row seat, and enjoy the experience all over again
  2. If you love their studio CDs (and who doesn’t? No, really, who? Tell me, and I’ll straighten them out!), but have never seen them live, you’ll get a sense (a good sense) of what you’re missing
  3. If you’ve never heard them before (live or on CD), then this is very good and broad sampler of their songs, along with some hysterical on-stage banter
  4. Three of their new songs (one each by Nate, Doris, and title cut by Ty) are only available on this CD (so far). If you want to hear how they continue to grow and stretch, or if you’ve already heard these and desperately need to own a copy, now’s your chance
  5. There are three covers (songs written by non-Girlypeople), that aren’t on any other of their CDs
  6. Some of their best banter and tuning songs are on this CD. We’ve seen them live four times now, and most of the stuff on the live CD was new to us (and completely cracked us up!)
  7. 29 Tracks, over 70 minutes of wonderful music and great laughs

Enough, go, buy it, now! Better yet, get to one of their shows this month (April that is), and enjoy a live show, followed by purchasing a signed copy of the live CD!

So, I started this by telling you how many CDs I bought the first time I saw them. Actually, that was a little bit of a lie. At the show itself, we bought two CDs. After listening to them each once (Joyful Sign and Remember Who I Am) we ordered 11 more.

Last night, we bought 15 of the new Live CDs (yes, fifteen). We also bought copies of Joyful Sign and Remember Who I Am as gifts for our guest.

There’s a story as to why we bought 15 copies of the new CD, and that will have to wait until tomorrow morning. I’m crashing, and that post is too important to just wing

Goodnight, but before you log off, buy the new CD. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: I meant to mention that the minute I got back on Sunday night, I ripped the new CD into iTunes. I was surprised (perhaps I shouldn’t have been) that the CD was recognized by Gacenote and all the track names were filled in, etc. I sync’ed to the iPod and went to bed. For many reasons, I was restlessly awake at 4am. By 5am I couldn’t toss and turn any longer, so I listened to the CD, finally. Then yesterday, during the drive from NY to VA, Lois and I listened to it in the car, so I’ve been through it twice, which is what the above review is based on.

Last Update: I also meant to mention that there’s a cool surprise on the live version of Postcards From Mexico. Since the band recorded all of their live shows last fall, they could have picked a flawless version. Instead, they chose to share the reality of a live show. Bravo, it was a lot of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚







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