Girlyman Mini-Contest

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OK, we just concluded the month-long Girlyman Live CD Contest. The results were just posted.

As you can see in that post, there were two CDs left un-won. In keeping with the spirit of the original contest, trying to have some fun in promoting this fantastic group, Lois and I are now running a mini-contest to give away the final two CDs.

The rules are similar, but different enough. Basically, tell us (and hopefully the world!) why you deserve one of these CDs. The difference comes in that there is no time limit on this contest, and the first two entries that move us or tickle us in any way will win (on the spot!).

So, this time, speed matters. But, this time, simply saying “I want one” won’t do, whereas if two additional people had simply said that last time, they would have won!

You can review the original rules in the original contest post. Basically, tell us why you should win a CD in a comment to this post. Even better if you tell the world somewhere else (your blog, YouTube, etc.) and put the link to that in a comment here.

That’s it! They could both be gone today, or still here a year from now. It’s up to (two of) you! 🙂