Girlyman Live CD Contest

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Girlyman is my favorite band. There, I’ve said it, it’s official now. Of course, if you know me, or have visited this blog before, you’re probably laughing at the fact that there might be someone on earth who doesn’t know that yet. 😉

I love music in general, and tons of different bands and individual performers, and I write about many of them in these pages. Still, if I were about to be stranded on a deserted island forever, and could only pick one band to listen to, it would be Girlyman!

I’d like to believe that I am the #1 Girlyfan, but that’s not likely true. I was late to the party, discovering them accidentally on August 19th, 2007. There are many fans who have been following them since the start, and even longer when they were performing great stuff before the three of them came together.

Back in September 2007, I announced to the world that I was on a Girlyman Mission. It pains me to think how easy it is for people with this talent and spirit to share with the world, to not be noticed by a critical mass of people. While they’re not alone in this, I am aware of Girlyman, and on my mission to make sure they get noticed!

This is the next step in my mission. When I heard they were producing a new Live CD, I instantly wanted to promote them through a contest. I contacted the band and told them about it (more accurately, I ran the idea by their manager Genevieve Barber). She gave me the go ahead, but it’s important to note this is entirely my doing, so if it annoys anyone, don’t blame the band!

The new CD is called Somewhere Different Now (Live). It’s available (for a very short time!) on an early bird special. I reviewed the CD in this post last night.

Again with their agreement, I told the band I was going to be buying 13 copies of the new CD at Joe’s Pub. To save them time (and spare the rest of their fans), I asked them to pre-sign 10 of them as follows:

Congratulations on winning the contest!

The other three were signed to us and our friends. In all, we purchased 17 CDs at Joe’s Pub. 10 of those are for YOU.

We had no idea, no clue, but when we opened the CD cover, we found both of our names being thanked in the dedication. We were blown away. Thanks Girlyman! If you don’t believe me, rush out an by one now, or try really hard to win one here!

Here’s the point of the contest: Promote Girlyman Far and Wide!

Finally, the rules, and some requests:

  • You can simply leave a comment on this blog with your reason for deserving a CD
  • You can be more creative, and explain to the world why you deserve it, by posting on your own site, creating a YouTube video (or any other service), etc. In other words, do something that shows your love for Girlyman in a very public way. Then you have to comment on this blog, and link to your work
  • When you comment here, you must fill in a valid email address on the Disqus Comment Form (I will be the only one who can see it, and I won’t share it)
  • If you publish your work on another site, you must link back to this post. Remember, the point is to spread the word far and wide! That way, other people who find your work, will be able to find all other odes to Girlyman, with this post being the hub. Let’s get those comments flying!!!
  • All entries must be completed by April 30th, 2008, 11:59pm EST. That coincides with the end of the early bird release of the CD

The second bullet above is the best way to do it, because it promotes Girlyman on the maximum number of sites rather than just this post. Still, you have to leave a comment here with a link to your work, or I may not know about it, and I also need a way to contact you if you win!

In addition, whether you enter or not, I’m requesting (for the first time ever!) that you bookmark this post to your favorite social network sites (there are buttons below for some of them, e.g., Digg,, StumbleUpon, etc.), but feel free to spread it wider than the ones I’ve pre-loaded. Feel free to just link to this post on your blog, even if you aren’t entering the contest. The point isn’t really to win (unless you are lucky and creative enough to win) 😉 but rather to get Girlyman to the next level of exposure!

Now for the inevitable question: What’s in it for Hadar?

The answer: Nothing Financial!

I get zero money out of this contest, in fact, since I paid for the CDs and will pay for the shipping, it’s costing me money. I also don’t have a single advertisement on this site, so I get zero money for any extra traffic generated here either! Also, already has a page rank of 5 (not shabby, but not extraordinary either), so I don’t really need the links either.

What I do get (if this succeeds) is the psychic, karmic reward of doing the right thing, and helping this ultra-deserving band become better known. It’s really that simple.

OK, so how do we determine the 10 winners?

Ultimately, it’s entirely at Lois and my discretion, sorry, that’s the way it goes. That said, we’re happy to hear everyone’s opinions, so feel free to comment here and point to anyone who you feel is deserving. At the end of the contest, we may post a Poll and invite people to vote. We may be swayed, but we still reserve the right to ignore any and all input (so don’t bother ballot stuffing) 😉 and make the final decision ourselves. We will get the winning CDs in the mail no later than the end of May (we’re swamped with work and graduations of both of our godchildren in mid-May!).

That’s it. Get to it! 🙂

This is not an April Fool’s joke!!!