Rachael Sage and Michelle Citrin at Joe’s Pub

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The world puts out breadcrumbs and we follow them. Some people don’t notice, others notice but don’t care.

One of the more intense paths that we’ve followed began with Alex Berger posting a YouTube video from a concert we attended. After establishing a Twitter and Facebook relationship with Alex, we finally met in person at a Rockwood Music Hall concert. We then attended a Livestrong fundraiser. Alex arranged for all of the musicians who played that night.

The last musician of the night (not including Alex’s encore) was Michelle Citrin. Her motto: “lil grrl, with a big sound.” It’s very true. She has an incredible voice, produced from a 5’1” frame. Michelle was opening for, and listed as a special guest for someone we hadn’t heard of before, Rachael Sage, at the 9:30pm show last night at Joe’s Pub.

Since I wanted to see Michelle perform a longer set, I was more than happy to gamble on the headliner, Rachael Sage.

Michelle is an Internet/YouTube sensation. Last year she released a video called 20 Things To Do With Matzah. It has already been viewed over 1.2 million times! Trust me, I know how hard it is to get those kind of numbers. I recently put up a YouTube video of a Tonight Show Tribute Song. I think it’s pretty cool, but it has only been viewed 348 times as of this writing…

Michelle had excellent stage presence and her voice was as incredible as I had remembered. She does a very good job accompanying herself on the guitar. I was somewhat surprised that her lyrics/songs didn’t grab me. I was impressed with a line here and there, but overall, I was much more attuned to her voice and guitar.


Michelle played for 24 minutes. After a 6-minute break, Rachael Sage took the stage with a 4-piece band behind her.


Rachael had the stage decked out in holiday style (both Hanukkah and Christmas). The band wore reindeer hats and Rachael was festively attired all around. She played electric keyboards very well, and sang and entertained the crowd with stories and commentary.

Rachael is a very talented performer and very funny as well. She was in complete control of the crowd from the second she stepped on stage. While most of her songs have a comic edge to them, she also threw in a few more serious numbers.


Her band (The Sequins) struck just the right notes to accompany her perfectly, both musically and visually (meaning, they were in keeping with the lighthearted holiday spirit).

Sitting left-to-right on the stage:

Dave Eggar played the cello and sang a bit. His play all night was outstanding, as was his impish spirit. Rachael mentioned that Dave has played with Coldplay. As impressive as that sounds, you really need to peruse Dave’s Wikipedia Page. He was a child prodigy (appearing on Broadway and the Metropolitan Opera at age seven!). He has played with an amazing assortment of top stars/bands, including The Who!


I didn’t catch the name of the person sitting behind Rachael. I thought it was Wes, but that’s probably not right. He played percussion. Sorry!


Quinn played the drums. He was good throughout the set. Apparently, he had trouble getting into NYC for the show. Thankfully for us, he made it. 🙂 He was obscured from our view the entire set. This is the only shot Lois got of him. Obviously, he can still safely commit a crime in our jurisdiction, as no one will recognize him from this mug shot… 😉


Russ Johnson played the trumpet. He was excellent. He played most of the set with a trumpet cup to muffle his sound. It was perfect, as it created a smoky sound to back up Rachael, without ever overpowering her (something a trumpet can do all too easily).


Seth Glier was a special guest. Seth played the accordion and glockenspiel and sang with Rachael as well. He did all of those very well!


Michelle Citrin came out for two guest appearances as well. On the second number, Michelle played Finger Cymbals to great effect!


A very pleasant evening indeed!

P.S. While entering Joe’s Pub last night Lois snapped this photo of a Techno Snowman. Right up my alley (and theirs…): 😉







7 responses to “Rachael Sage and Michelle Citrin at Joe’s Pub”

  1. alandb Avatar

    Update on Sierra Hull. Sorry to put this here but I don't know how to connect generically. This is indirect but follow me. I am a fan of Mark O'Connor, especially his swing music (as close as I have heard to Stephane Grapelli). I received an email from his website about what he is doing lately. He gave a week of master classes at the Berklee College of Music (Boston?). In the article, there is a reference to Sierra Hull as a student there. I am planning on seeing Mark O'Connor next week at the Blue Note with a new jazz trio. I am not familiar with the other people playing with him or what type of music he will play. Have a happy New Year.


  2. hadar Avatar

    I have been staring at the schedule for Mark at the Blue Note and trying to figure out a way to make it work for me (before you posted this!). It's remotely possible that I'll be able to go to the early show on Friday, but no other time works for me. Do you know which show you're going to?

  3. alandb Avatar

    That is actually a possibility. My son just spent a semester in Rome and we are taking him back to college on Saturday, but it might be Friday.

  4. hadar Avatar

    OK, let me know if it ends up being Friday, and if at all possible, I'll try to make it down and say hello to you as well! 🙂

  5. alandb Avatar

    Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. My wife doesn't plan well in advance. I will be going by myself to the Friday 8:00 show. If we can work something out, great. If not, some other time.

    Alan Baily

  6. hadar Avatar

    No worries on the timing. At the moment, it looks way too iffy. We're still up in Westchester and most likely won't make it into the city until tomorrow. We're seeing Vienna Teng and Alex Wong at City Winery tomorrow night. I'll reach out again if something breaks and we can make it in! One of these days!!! 🙂

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