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  • Geraldine Ferraro Leads The Way

    I rarely read the editorials in The New York Times. The regular contributors are mostly predictable, and spew venom rather than articulate thoughts. I religiously read the lead-ins in the daily email summary. They typically make me laugh. I don’t know whether the author picks the particular sentence or paragraph, or the editors […]

  • Discovering Stephen Bennett

    I just wrote a very long post a few minutes ago. At the end, I mentioned that I was sure I left out some additional nuisances. It turns out, that what I left out was one of the more important positives of the evening. It’s enough to warrant a small post on it’s […]

  • The New York Times Makes Me Laugh

    I wanted to write about this immediately when I saw this last Friday. But, I really don’t write about politics per se, and my comments here have nothing to do with politics anyway. But, since I just wrote a few minutes ago regarding Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama, I had little trouble […]

  • Barack Obama Kennedy

    This past Sunday, Caroline Kennedy penned this editorial in The NY Times, endorsing Barack Obama for President. A day later, her uncle, Senator Edward/Ted Kennedy also endorsed Obama, and both appeared with the candidate. This is not a blog about politics, nor is it likely to ever become that. This is a blog […]

  • Gotham Comedy Club

    In this post, I mentioned that we might go see Jamie Lissow (again) at the Gotham Comedy Club. After enjoying the Vienna Boys Choir at Carnegie Hall in the afternoon, we relaxed in the apartment and watched most of To Catch A Thief by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. For […]

  • Jamie Lissow Strikes Again

    If you read this post, and this one, you know that we thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jamie Lissow perform with Kevin Meaney at Tarrytown Music Hall last Friday night. If you have lots of extra time on your hands, and also read the very few comments made on my blog, then you also know […]

  • My iPod Nano Teaches Me New Tricks

    Mostly, I listen to music on my iPod. On occasion, I have listened to an audio book or two, while exercising. One thing I have never done is watch a video. My old iPod 30GB probably could do it as well (it certainly could display photos), but I never even tried (not even […]

  • Jamie Lissow and Brian Kiley

    In this post, I mentioned two guest comedians whose names I wasn’t sure about. Thankfully, one of them, Jamie Lissow, commented on my posting, so I now have his correct name and website (now linked to his name earlier in this sentence). A very funny guy who you should try and see live […]

  • Kevin Meaney at Tarrytown Music Hall

    A while ago, Lois and I had to make a decision as to which of two shows to attend last night (December 7th, 2007). There was another Dave Koz and friends concert (including Jonathan Butler, who blew me away the last time), at the Beacon Theater, and Kevin Meaney at the Tarrytown Music […]