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  • Candy Dulfer at BB King

    I’ve known for a few weeks that Candy Dulfer would be playing last night at BB King. As much as I like her music, I didn’t purchase tickets in advance for two reasons: I thought we might be up at the house over the weekend and Lois isn’t that big of a Jazz […]

  • Dave Mason Get Well

    We were headed to see Dave Mason at BB King last night. (No links in this post.) I even Twittered about it, so it had to be official. 😉 We got to BB’s a few minutes after the door was supposed to open, and were quite surprised (pleased?) to see that there was […]

  • Jerry Jeff Walker at BB King

    Last night, nine of us went to see Jerry Jeff Walker play at BB King. Keeping with my new tradition, I’ll cover the concert first, and then circle back to tell the story leading up to the show. We weren’t all that familiar with Jerry Jeff’s repertoire before last night. I knew he […]

  • Strawberry Fields at BB King

    I love The Beatles, always have, always will. Every Saturday, there is a brunch concert at BB King in NYC that features a Beatles cover band called Strawberry Fields. We have never been to see it, but I’ve threatened Lois on numerous occasions that I had an interest in going. One year ago, […]

  • Dave Mason at Blend

    Last night we saw Dave Mason play at Blend in Ridgewood, NJ. Some things about last night were perfect, others far from it. Since I acquiesced to Lois when similar problems occurred at Canal Room in NYC (covered in this post), I’ll do it again, and cover the music (the perfect part!) first, […]

  • Abigail Washburn and Sparrow Quartet at Joe’s Pub

    At the bottom of this very long post, I mentioned that Lois and a friend were going to see Abigail Washburn at Joe’s Pub, on April 3rd, 2007. I went to see the Allman Brothers Band on the same night with that friend’s husband, so I didn’t blog about Abigail, even though Lois […]

  • California Guitar Trio at BB King

    If you don’t know how we came to see California Guitar Trio (CGT), you didn’t read my previous post. Last night was a typical evening for us at BB King’s. We had excellent seats, and thoroughly enjoyed our meals, including a fabulous chocolate martini for me too. Yummy. CGT is three guitarists who […]

  • Charlie Daniels Band at BB King

    Last night, Lois and I went to BB King’s to see the Charlie Daniels Band (CDB). In the past, I’ve mentioned that Lois is a huge Country music fan, and that I have (happily) come along for the ride. The truth is that I have loved CDB since I was a teen (their […]

  • Rediscovering Live Music

    Sorry folks, this is likely gonna be another long one. It’s 5:30pm on a Sunday, and I’m relaxing in the hotel down near Zope, and this is what I feel like doing at the moment… From my mid-teens until my early twenties, I was a fanatic for going to live concerts. I went […]