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  • Trigger pulled on new PC, a UM790 Pro from Minisforum

    Even shorter than a TL;DR, you can tell what machine I bought right in the title above. But, do I like it? Perhaps that deserves a TL;DR so you don’t fall asleep reading the rest of the post… TL;DR I absolutely love this mini-PC. It’s the UM790 Pro from Minisforum. I bought it […]

  • Contmeplating a new PC

    My current laptop is 9+ years old. It’s still going very strong (which is crazy), but every once in a while exhibits a potential issue (which I’ve been able to fully mitigate or correct so far). I’ve been researching, thinking and planning for what I’d replace it with for well over 6 months […]

  • Powerless Blessing

    We live in a development where all the houses have electricity delivered via underground lines. The entire neighborhood is fed by a single pole. If that pole goes out, every house is hit. Some of our neighbors have whole home generators, we do not. This past Saturday, at 4:58am, our power went out. […]

  • Twitter Addiction Broken

    I’ve been addicted to Twitter for nearly 16 years. I’ve been very happy about that addiction and have no regrets. It never interfered with my work (when I was working) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it in retirement. I rarely (as in almost never) post/tweet (at least not in the last 10+ years, I […]

  • Uh oh, he’s back…

    As the kids say: “It’s been a minute…”. My first post was on Christmas Day, 2006. It was short and “hesitant”. My second post was almost a month later, even shorter, and contained a typo (which I never fixed). That same day, I made my first real post. It’s really long, meandering, and […]