Short June Poker Update

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Didn’t get to play for a week, because we were down at Zope, and then had a wedding over the weekend. Got back to NY yesterday, and got to play a little last night. Played in my usual $22 Omaha Hi-Lo tourney. 104 entrants, paid to 20th. I finished 21st. Bummer…

This afternoon, I got to play in a qualifier for tonight’s tournament. Top 3 people won the entry. I put in a total of $3, and finished 3rd, so I got the free entry into tonight’s tournament.

I was up and down a bunch tonight. At one point, I was a big chip leader, with 17 to go (they paid top 10). Then I went card dead. Cutting to the chase, I finished 4th. I got rivered on my last hand, or I might still be playing. Anyway, got back $172 for 4th (for my original $3 this afternoon), so no complaints!

I am now up $10 more than I was when I last reported on the month, so I had some close calls that I didn’t report on, but was giving back some money until tonight. My nemesis came in 20th, so that was good too. 😉