Category: Poker

  • Farewell Poker

    I’ve been noting the possibility of this day for quite a while, and it’s finally here. I am saying farewell to online poker, likely for quite a while, but also likely, not forever. I expected the day to come sometime in January, having gone through a very long drought of cashing in a […]

  • December 2008 Poker

    December was no different than November. Good results in Omaha (though not many tournaments in general), and a total wipeout in the big Sunday Hold’Em tourneys, accounting for a terrible economic showing. Bottom line for the month: -$694.60. In one of the big tourneys, they paid the top 135 spots. I finished 137th. […]

  • Giving Thanks

    Lois and I are truly thankful every day of our lives. We’ve been blessed in so many ways, we couldn’t accurately count. Near the top of any list of blessings for us, you would find our wonderful godchildren. In 2008, we were extra-blessed, when Laura got married, and moved to NYC with her […]

  • November 2008 Poker

    Ugh. That says it all. I played very little this month. I was really busy so it wasn’t a lack of desire. Unfortunately, I got to play in four of the five Sunday tournaments, and lost all four. That alone accounts for 98.56% of my loss this month. It’s a big number, and […]

  • October 2008 Poker

    Wow. I was so excited and absorbed with our surprise trip to Cobleskill yesterday that I completely forgot to report on my poker results for October. While I was playing the big weekly tourney this evening, I realized that, and now that I’ve lost that one (part of next month’s report), I can […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Last night was our sixth time attending the CMA Song Writers Series at Joe’s Pub. Tonight will be our seventh. 😉 We’ve enjoyed every single rendition, including last night. As I’ve written before, the performance abilities of the multitude of writers can be quite varied. Some are quite raw, while a few are […]

  • September 2008 Poker

    Since I won’t be playing tonight, I can safely report this month’s results. Also, since I intend to keep this very short, I’ll start with the bottom line, then a few highlights. Bottom line: Profit of $642.25. Not bad. 🙂 I finally cashed again in the big Sunday Hold’Em tourney. It had been […]

  • August 2008 Poker

    Well, another month with a fair amount of poker frustration. That said, it was also a very good month on some other levels, including eeking out a small profit. Without further ado, let’s get the economics out of the way: +$140.46. Hardly earthshaking. In fact, as reported numerous times now, since I don’t […]

  • July 2008 Poker

    I won’t be playing tonight, so I can safely report this month’s results now. Given the past few months, this one was financially successful. That said, it was extremely unsatisfying financially, while simultaneously being extremely satisfying from a having a good time perspective. I guess you can’t have it all. 😉 So, the […]

  • June 2008 Poker

    This month is simple to report on. Economically painful, but otherwise, enjoyable and almost non-existent. I barely played this month. I’m reasonably sure it’s the lightest month since I started playing online poker in September 2004. That said, I played and lost two of the big weekly ones, paying full freight in both. […]