July 2007 Poker Summary

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So, I just finished the month on a reasonable high note, coming 3rd out of 108 players in an Omaha Hi-Lo tourney. I was the leader going in to the final table, and when there were 7 left, I was in last (one really bad hand, very poorly played on my part!). So, coming in 3rd was satisfying, even though I lost on the river on the last hand, or I could have gone further.

Last month, I abandoned (perhaps not forever) the summary by tournament type, etc. I’ll skip that this month too. In fact, this is going to be a really short update, since I’ve covered the highlights already. To repeat the biggest highlight: I won qualifiers for 4 of the big Sunday tournaments in this month. I cashed in 3 of the 4 tournaments, to the tune of $900, $900 and $419.

I peaked at up $1983 (as reported earlier). After the third in my last tourney of the month, I’m up $1980 for the month (I rounded up $.03). 😉 So, I hung on to all but $3 from my peak, over the past 2 weeks. Not too shabby!

As reported earlier, I gave back roughly $300 in a one week period after I peaked (so obviously, I won it back). At the time, I said that I would comment on my style changes, etc. That’s what I’ll close with this month.

After the second $900 cash, my account was flush, and I felt that I could do two things: take some more chances and play in some slightly bigger buy-in tournaments.

I did both. Ironically, while I splashed around a few more dollars in buy-ins (the largest was $38, so don’t think I went crazy), I lost most of them on truly bad beats. I’m not complaining, just saying that I was (generally speaking) holding my own in the larger tourneys, which I’d avoided before, simply because a losing streak could have crippled my account. Now it would barely make a dent. Well, it definitely dented the account, but I won it back. Whew.

Second was style. I decided to play a little looser. In fact, I played a little too loosely on occasion, and that cost me money as well. That said, it was a fantastic learning experience, as I definitely hit a couple of big hands that I never would have even been in, and I got to understand a little better the range of hands that other people raise with (given that often before, everyone, including me, folded to them, and playing looser, I sometimes got to see their hands).

While I don’t intend to become a loose player in general, or even as a rule, I see value in being able to do it on occasion, situationally, and it’s an addition to my game that has already served me reasonably well, and I expect it to continue to serve me.

Anyway, looking forward to continue learning. Alternatively, if I can’t learn (because of having a thick head), then I’ll gladly take some better luck, so that the account can keep growing. 🙂



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