Month: December 2007

  • Last Poker Post of 2007

    OK, I really didn’t expect to post again on poker this year. But, I have to. 😉 I just played in two qualifiers. They started 40 minutes apart, so when the second started, I played in both simultaneously for about 90 minutes. The first was for the big tourney on Sunday. That one […]

  • December 2007 Poker Update

    Well, as I mentioned in this post, December wasn’t a good month economically. That said, I had some very good results in qualifiers, including winning three seats to the big Sunday tournament. As mentioned in that last post as well, I ended up getting crushed in one of those tourneys, have the TDs […]

  • Cool Christmas Gifts

    Just got back from a wonderful dinner, and enjoying watching people get real excited about watching their favorite Redskins beat the Cowboys to make it into the playoffs! When we got back, our friends gave me two gifts. The first is a mug with a picture of a Shark on it, with the […]

  • Poker Account Vigilance

    December hasn’t been a great month economically, though I’ll do the final tally tomorrow and post as usual. That said, I’ve had more than decent success in the past 10 days in qualifiers. Last Saturday, I came second in a qualifier that paid only the top two spots, and I won an entry […]

  • Lost – Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD

    On the weekend of August 18th, 2007, our godson and his good friend (who we count as a good friend as well now for many years) visited us in NYC. I commemorated that weekend with five posts in a row. For me personally, the highlight was our accidental (and serendipitous) discovery of Girlyman […]

  • VMWare Player

    My laptop is now ancient by date standards (I bought it 3.5 years ago), but it’s still reasonably peppy, and has some features that are difficult to find nowadays (like a 16″ non-widescreen LCD!). It was a real beast at the time I bought it (3.4Ghz desktop Pentium 4, dual 60GB hard drives […]

  • Service, a Dying Art

    It continually amazes me how poor the service is at most companies. It has become so bad (for quite a while), that even when a company can clearly differentiate itself on service alone, it might not be good enough. Why? Because consumers have become so jaded, that they often will continue to shop […]

  • Acoustic Guitar Update

    This is another long post, so bail now, while you can, or grab a cup of coffee (to keep you awake). 😉 Actually, the post itself isn’t insanely long, but if you watch each of the videos that I’ve linked it, the entire trip will take a while… I’ve gone on and on […]

  • Roundabout Discovery of Scorpions

    Technically, this entire post should really be a comment on someone else’s blog (you’ll find out which blog and post in a minute). Given how wordy I always am (this will be no exception), I couldn’t bring myself to even find out if I would be allowed to post such a big comment… […]

  • Gotham Comedy Club

    In this post, I mentioned that we might go see Jamie Lissow (again) at the Gotham Comedy Club. After enjoying the Vienna Boys Choir at Carnegie Hall in the afternoon, we relaxed in the apartment and watched most of To Catch A Thief by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. For […]