Month: November 2008

  • November 2008 Poker

    Ugh. That says it all. I played very little this month. I was really busy so it wasn’t a lack of desire. Unfortunately, I got to play in four of the five Sunday tournaments, and lost all four. That alone accounts for 98.56% of my loss this month. It’s a big number, and […]

  • Puppet Masters

    We’re spending the long weekend in Birmingham, AL with our godson. We picked up a mutual friend of ours (Wes) in Durham on our way down here on Wednesday. Yesterday was one of our godson’s typical on call days, where he is in the hospital for 30+ hours in a row. As sad […]

  • Internet Connection Sharing

    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) has been around for a long time (formally, and through hack-like methods). I have never had a need for it (slightly amazing) until now. Yesterday I wrote about our current hotel WiFi woes. In that post, I wrote that I wouldn’t need to worry about it today, given that […]

  • Hotel WiFi

    This post is inspired by my current hotel WiFi woes. I’ve likely mentioned this gripe before, but since I’m living it at the moment, I’ll repeat it, vigorously. It’s insane that high-end hotels charge for Internet use (WiFi or wired), while their low-end chains (owned by the same company!) give it away for […]

  • New PrimePress Theme Installed

    I have been wanting to change the theme on this site for a while. I am not all that sure why, perhaps, just because it’s so easy to do with WordPress. I liked the theme that I had for the most part, but I wanted an even cleaner, simpler, sharper look. For a […]

  • Rhonda Vincent at Birchmere

    Last night we saw Rhonda Vincent and The Rage perform at Birchmere. We’ve seen them once before at Joe’s Pub, and I wrote about it here. I concluded that post with the following paragraph: We had a great time, and would definitely see her again given the chance. We’d also go back to […]

  • Welcome Vista x64

    I wrote quite a while ago that I had ordered two new laptops for Lois and me, with Vista x64 on them. They took a lot longer to arrive than anyone thought (including the vendor, PowerNotebooks), due to delays in getting the LCD’s from China. Because of all of the delays, I had […]

  • NCIS is Number 1

    Today, The NY Times had an article about NCIS surging to be the clear number one show on broadcast TV. One of the points of the article is to highlight that this seems to be a big surprise for lots of people. It’s no surprise to us. NCIS is probably Lois’ favorite TV […]

  • Digging Digsby

    I’ve been a very long-time user of Pidgin (previously called Gaim). I’ve also been a very happy user with no particular impetus to look into other IM clients. In addition to IM, I have accounts with a number of social networking sites. I am not particularly active on any of them (with the […]

  • Sweet Bitters at Googies

    Last night we saw Sweet Bitters perform at Googies. We’ve seen Sweet Bitters once before, at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, and I shared my thoughts about that show in this post. Last night was not just a normal show, but rather a fund-raiser, to help Sweet Bitters put together enough money to […]